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 Human digestive system holds 2 types of bacteria (flora)—friendly and unfriendly (yeast). Friendly bacteria is involved in helping digestion in all stages: breaking up food in the stomach; creating nutrients in the small intestine; forming waste in the large intestine; and elimination process. Friendly bacteria also suppresses unfriendly bacteria and doesn’t let it become active. In a healthy body, unfriendly bacteria is supposed to be “asleep”. Its main role is to wait until the person is dead and decompose the body to make it an earth element.

Modern American diet includes an enormous amount of refined flour and sugars; artificial yeast, flavors and colors; pasteurized dairy products; and of course sweets. All of these products create a perfect environment for unfriendly bacteria and is deadly for the good bacteria. These products suppress the immune system (85% of which is located in the gut) to the degree that all the bad bacteria and parasites “awaken”, “thinking” that this body is dead and it is time for them to do their job—Decomposing the body—While it is still alive! Since it is much stronger than the friendly bacteria, it takes over immediately suppressing protection of the digestive system.

Other deadly weapons for the friendly bacteria are: birth control pills, all artificial hormones, antibiotics and foods that contain antibiotics, such as, none organic meats, fish, eggs and dairy products. Being in the molded and moist buildings can also make the yeast grow. So due to all the mentioned factors, bad bacteria and parasites take over human lives and well-being.

Harm and Damage from these Creatures are Tremendous:

Ø      Damages digestion

Ø      Body doesn’t get enough nutrients

Ø      Fecal stones form,

Ø      Fermentation and rutting process begins, which attracts even more parasites, bacteria and infection, which cannot be fought by the weakened immune system.

All that bacteria steals from the system even more by eating all the nutrients, which develop in the small intestine. Because that’s where nutrients are, that’s where all the infection lives, breeds and feasts—traveling throughout the body spreading illnesses and disease. In addition they poison the system with it’s own waste (eliminations).

The complete yeast cleansing program includes:

  1. Remove the main nest- the breeding ground. Since in the small intestine form the main nutrients, it is the most favorite spot for all parasites, including yeast. By doing a complete cleansing of the small intestine, we kill and eliminate a big quantity of yeast.

  2. Improve the diet, so that on one hand it does not feed yeast, on the other hand creates an unpleasant environment in the digestive system for the parasites to grow. Principles of healthy eating and recipes are described in the book "Healing Through Cleansing Diet".

  3. Begin an intense consumption of friendly bacteria of a very high quality. Friendly bacteria will improve digestion and create a balance between all bacteria.

  4. Strengthen the immune system through the liver cleansing. Strong immune system is easily able to control the yeast overgrowth. 

By Completing the Yeast Cleansing Program, you will:

ü      Reestablish correct balance between friendly and unfriendly bacteria

ü      Improve digestion

ü      Rejuvenate and strengthen your immune system

ü      Get rid of existing and prevent future illnesses and disorders.

In addition to the listed benefits, this program will also:

o       No more gas, bloating, constipation, abdominal pains and discomfort.

o       Loose toxic weight anywhere from 5-10 to 30 or more pounds.

o       Clear your tongue, unpleasant odors from sweat, breath, urine and stool.

o       Improve digestion, help with gastric pains and ulcers.

o       Prevents and helps with hemorrhoids, polyps, diverticulitis, IBS, and prostate enlargement.

  • Prevents and helps with headaches, sinusitis, ear infections, frequent colds and allergies.

More detailed recommendations will be given during the individual consultation. 

This simple program helped many of our clients to strengthen their immune system and win over this illness completely.

See our clients' Testimonials here.  These testimonials are from people who had problems similar to yours. Let their examples give you hope and help to be successful in your healing process. 


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All therapeutic effects and success of our clients in their health is not based on scientific research. All cases described in the center and in Dr. Koyfman's books are saved in the process of his 30-year practical experience in the Soviet Union and United States as well as from the words and written testimonials of his clients. The only proof of our clients' real success, is in their testimonials, which they willingly wrote with a goal to help other people believe in their own strength and a possibility of improving their health. Most clients did not only see improvements in how they felt, but also in their test results (done before and after by Medical Doctors). Since all people are different, their success in healing depends on many factors, such as: genetics, age, diet, life style, work, organization, self-discipline, and neglect of the illness. Due to all these factors, your own success may be different from those we described. We only say that you have a great chance to improve your health and well being. We do not guarantee anything and strongly believe that your success is in your hands. By cleansing your body from toxins and parasites, you are strengthening your immune system and give the holy powers of nature to heal your body.

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