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    Are you really toxic?

 Test your self and find out!

Self-Testing is not a medical diagnostic.
Self-Testing is an ability to listen and understand your body's language.  If you learn to observe and understand your body's language, you will be able to detect and prevent many future disorders and illnesses on time.

Holistic medicine of the world created many different methods to detect all bodily disorders. To perform self-testing you are not required to have some deep knowledge of these methods. Many of the signs you already heard of from your parents, grandparent, friends, books, or knew something from your own observations and experience. If you continue to observe, learn and develop your intuition, you will learn to feel your body, understand what it is asking for and what it is trying to teach you.



What can your SKIN tell you?

Healthy skin does not have any irritations, pimples, boilers. It should be evenly colored, moderately moist, and feel good and firm to touch. Appearance of itching, pimples, painless or redness, increased dryness or oiliness, etc, indicates disorders. For example:
Itching- allergy. Pimples/ boils-- increased toxicity. Paleness-- anemia (lack of iron). Redness- impaired circulation, increased blood pressure. Dryness- dehydration.

Due to imbalances of the skin, lungs and kidneys, it might happen that the skin stops performing its cleansing function. In that case, lungs and kidneys get overwhelmed with toxicity, whereas the skin stays clean and does not send any signals of existing problems.

What does your TONGUE say besides words?

This test should be done first thing in the morning after awakening. All you need is a mirror.

A healthy tongue does not have any coating. Its color is pink and even. Appearance of coating, change in color, cracks, increase of the tongues size, dryness, etc. suggest disorders in internal organs, especially in the digestive organs. Appearance of coating on the tongue- is a first signal, that digestive organs need cleansing.

Are you hungry?

Appetite is an important indicator of health or illness. A healthy appetite is a moderate need to eat simple, healthy products, which satisfy and fill the body. If the appetite is too strong- it might indicate irritation in the digestive system, such as gastritis, sugar imbalance in the blood or even parasites. If the appetite weakens- it might suggest indigestion or poisoning. Lack of appetite completely or disgust to food- is a sign of serious disorders in the body. In that case it is necessary to completely cleanse the digestive system, stop eating and wait for a real hunger.

Need more ENERGY?

A healthy body is full of energy and constant desire for doing, learning, and personal development. Reduction in energy, laziness, need for extra sleep-- are signals of increased toxicity. Your body is signaling you a warning of an illness. Complete lack of energy for a prolonged time, can be a result of stress, depression or some serious illness.

PAIN Language

Appearance of pain is a serious signal of bodily disorders. First signals tell about circulation disorder, accumulation of toxicity, exhaustion or physical disorder in the tissue and organs. Pain can also be caused by spread of infection in different organs.


As you can see, many methods can be used to determine what is going on in your body. I would like to provide you with more examples with the help of which you can determine your state of health. On purpose, I will not say what suggests health disorders and what means that you are in the good health. With time you will be able to determine which signal is good and which should warn you. Simple observation will teach you how tell good from bad and will give you all the necessary answers. So observe and make your own conclusions. Some things to look for:

Your Stool:  Dark, light, smell or no smell, light or hard, easily released or difficult, complete elimination or partial, regular (2-3 times per day) or not regular.

Saliva: Sticky, thick, dry, too much saliva or too little, no discomfort at all.

Hair:  Thin, thick, falling off, dry, oily, hard or too soft, heavy or light.

Nails:  Hard, soft, break easily, have white spots, ridges, moons on each nail or not, pink, dark, brutal.

Sweat:  too much, too little, none at all, smell or no smell.

Urine:  Dark, light, a lot, too little, often, rare, bad smell, no smell.

Sleep:  deep, fall asleep easily, sleep all night without waking up. VS. waking up often, don't sleep enough, go to the restroom often. Wake up easily feeling rested and energized for the whole day, or tired wanting to sleep more. Dreams: no dreams, good dreams, nightmares.

Pulse:  fast, slow, weak, strong, nervous, rhythmic, calm.

You can also use self testing by eyes, face lines, palms. You can use simple devices to measure blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc.

Observe and memorize how you look when you feel good and fool of energy. It will help you notice changes, which are different from your normal state of health. These changes will signal you of possible disorders and you will be able to take appropriate actions to prevent serious problems.


Quick Test  
to determine the 
toxicity level in your body.

Find out in one minute how strong your immune system is and how healthy or unhealthy you really are.

This test the most real information about the state of your health and the strength of your immune system.  The test is simple and can be done any time of the day.  How you feel and energy levels constantly change during the day. So it would be very interesting for you to find out the strength of your immune system in the morning, evening, or when you're feeling weak or tired. You can easily test yourself anywhere. All that you would need for equipment is only clock or watch which show seconds.

  General Information

Oxygen plays the main role in all processes in the body... It is food #1 for brain and cells; it is vital for proper and complete digestion as well as toxin neutralization, which accumulate in the system. More toxicity we have in the body-- more oxygen is used for it's neutralization-- less of it is left for other needs. Of course first of all, the body is trying to defend itself from toxins. Reduced oxygen levels in the blood creates a perfect environment for viruses, bacteria, infections and other parasites to grow and multiply, and creating better environment for illnesses to be born.
Vice Versa... Less toxicity there is in the body--- more oxygen is accumulated in the blood--- least pleasant it is for parasites to live, meaning... less illnesses.
So, by testing how much oxygen is in your blood, means finding out how weak or strong your immune system really is.

   Oxygen reserves in the blood can be determined by:

 1.  Sit down on edge of the chair. Relax. Back straight.    

2. Breath normally. After a short exhale. Use your
     right hand to hold your nose. Hold your breath.

 3.  Hold it until first discomfort-- this is called controlled pause. 
      Please do not confuse it with a maximal pause! Maximal pause is
      when you hold your breath to the maximum--it should be 2 times
      longer than controlled pause.

* * * Time of the pause determents how much oxygen you have in reserves of your blood, which at the same time determents reserves and strength of the whole body; its level of health and strength of immune system.

   Here is a table to determine level of your health,

illnesses and immune powers.



Length of the pause--after exhale--Controlled pause

Level of Toxicityin your body

 Strength of your immune system

Level of



less than 15 seconds

Toxicity level is very high

Immune system is very weak

know it or not, you may have very serious illnesses


15 seconds

High level

Your immune system is 4 time weaker than the norm

Your body already has some serious illness or you are very close to it.


30 seconds

Medium level

Your immune system is 2 times weaker than the norm

Regular illnesses with a threat to become serious


45 seconds

Low toxicity

immune system has 3/4 of the norm

Light illnesses not threatening yet.


60 seconds

Very Low

Immune system is within norm

Rare, slightly noticeable problems


More than 60 seconds


Very strong immune system

No Illnesses or diseases


Determine your body's
ability to resist cancer.

Cancer cells always develop and grow in the human body. However, a healthy immune system immediately destroys and does not allow them to reproduce and grow into an illness. A simple method exists to determine your immune system's ability to resist reproduction of cancer cells.

It is best to do this test in the morning on empty stomach, or 2-3 hours before the test you may eat some kefir or plain yogurt. Meanwhile, take an organic red beet, wash it and peel the skin. Make 4 oz of juice from it and put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Then, dilute that juice with 4 oz of filtered, room temperature water and drink the substance. Two to three hours after you drank the juice/water combination, collect your urine and look at its color.

If the urine is light color or just a little brownish and cloudy-- your immune system is pretty strong and does not allow cancer cells to reproduce. If your urine is pink or red-- the immune system is weak and your body developed a good environment for cancer cells to grow. You can strengthen your immune system through complete cleansing of your digestive system, liver and lymph cleansing, and if necessary- fasting.

So if you do have that predisposition, it is important to repeat this test once per month. If there is no suspicion to the problem, you may repeat the test every 3 months or more if desired.



When our body becomes congested, it begins sending signals of accumulated toxicity and improper functioning of internal organs.  Most of us have been told by adults to ignore aches and pains because they will pass on their own. And that is true...or partly true.

Aches, pain and discomfort are the body's scream for help. When the body sends us a signal of a disorder and we just ignore it, after time it stops sending these important signals. So pain or discomfort disappear, but the problem stays. The problem does not go away, it grows stronger turning into illness without any further signals. And unfortunately, it often happens that it comes up to the surface when it is too late.

So please remember the golden rule of keeping the good health--
Pay attention to your body. Do not be deaf and blind when it is asking you for help. Do not miss those very first, important signals your body sends. Give your body all the necessary help on time. And the very first rescue, which does not allow growth of the illness, is CLEANSING, good diet, juice therapy, and if necessary--fasting.
If you always follow this rule, you will always be healthy and illness will never reside in your body. Clean environment in the body and a healthy lifestyle do not provide good condition for the illness to live in. Illness only lives in the bad, dirty and congested environment.

Clean internal environment of the body means:
death for the illness and perfect health for you. 



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