Dr. Koyfman's Books 
on Cleansing


Dr. Koyfman's Books 
on Cleansing

*** Please note that all of our cleansing procedures are done in the order listed bellow. For example, if you never had a colon cleanse done before, it would have to  be your first procedure. Some exceptions may apply.

Procedure Price Options which can be added Price
Colon Cleansing
$75 Colon Cleansing +FIR $90
Whole Digestive System Cleansing $125 Whole Digestive System Cleansing + Sauna $165
Complete Small Intestine Cleanse
$175 Complete Small Intestine Cleanse + Sauna $200
Complex Liver Cleansing
Day 1:
(C + FIR+ solution)
$115 Liver cleansing+ massage & reflexology +   
FIR Sauna

Day 2: Small Intestine Cleanse
$175 Joint Cleanse $205
Total Lymph Cleansing -1 day
(1/2 C, lymph drainage massage, Sauna)
$205 Complete Lymph Cleansing (3 days) $615
List of Procedures which can be done any time in combination with other cleanses or separately:
Sinus Cleansing

Consultation (30 min )


FIR Sauna
Fresh Juice
Lymph Drainage Massage


* Debit and all major credit cards are accepted.  Personal checks are not preferred.  

* Due to the large volume of people in need of our services, we have to insure that all scheduled appointments are kept. We require a 48 hour cancellation notice, which will allow us enough time to schedule other clients who are waiting for an appointment.
So please, at the time of your scheduling,
be prepared to provide your credit card information, which will be held on file. Your card will be charged a $25 fee ONLY if you do not keep your appointment nor give us a proper notice.
All Saturday appointments are PREPAID ONLY at the time of scheduling.

Available Healing Programs: 

*** Besides individual procedures, in our center we offer a number of great "Healing Programs", which can strengthen your health
and help with different disorders.

Please Note:

*** By choosing a prepaid program plan, you are able to receive great discounts (10%,20% or 30%).


Constipation Relieve

Cleansing of the Whole Digestive Organs

Strengthen the Immune System

Complete Rejuvenation and Health Strengthening

Kidney Cleansing

Out of State Program

Weight Loss Cleansing Program

* Programs with emphasis on other organs and systems are also available.



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Monday-Friday:         9 am - 5 pm  (*)
 Saturday:           9 am - 3 pm

(Appointments after 5 pm are available by request Monday-Friday)


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Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing
3107 Medlock Bridge Rd
Norcross, Georgia 30071

Phone: 770-798-8667

Email: koyfmancenter@bellsouth.net



Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing is the only facility in North America that offers these unique, comprehensive, specialized cleansing services:  Colonics (Large Intestine) Cleansing, Small Intestine Cleansing,   Complete Digestive System Cleansing,    Complex Liver Cleansing (including Gall Bladder flush, Spleen, Pancreas),    Kidney Cleansing, Prostate Cleansing,    Thyroid Cleansing,    Lungs Cleansing,   Joints Cleansing,  Sinus Cleansing,   Parasite Cleansing,   Lymph System Cleansing,   Fasting (Cellular), Far Infrared treatment, Cleansing Massage, Weight Loss Program, Special Diet, Juice Therapy, Internal Organ Massage, Adrenal Cleansing, Colonic, Colon Cleansing, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigation…and other specialized treatments, based on your needs.

For more information contact us at 770-798-8667

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