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Dr. Koyfman's Books 
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The Unwelcome Guests
Parasite Cleansing

Parasites (infections, viruses, warms, mold, yeast and unfriendly bacteria) are everywhere around us.  We get them from other people, family, pets, food (such as sushi, undercooked meat and fish, unclean fruits and vegetables—germs from pets) and air. We feed them with sweats (refined sugars, cakes, candies, ext.), refined flower products (white bread, pasta, pizza, white rice, potatoes, etc) and make perfect conditions for them to multiply. Parasites and toxicity are the cause of all known diseases (even such as cancer, arthritis, HIV, hepatitis, etc.)  They steal our nutrients and add more toxins to the system.  They eat us alive!  There is no way to escape them, but there is a way to not let them grow! By getting rid of parasites and toxicity, we rid ourselves off digestive problems, improve immune system and stay resistant to illnesses. Because most of our nutrients are being formed in the small intestine, 70-90% of all parasites and yeast reside in it. So in addition to the herbal parasite cleansing, which could be purchased in our center, it is important to completely cleanse your Small Intestine and your Whole Digestive System.

 As unpleasant as it is to think about, many humans, (even in advanced countries) have parasites. Oftentimes it can be said that if you have ever had a pet, or have a pet now, you likely have some form of parasite living in you. 

There is a theory that those who eat a 100% raw diet (living food diet), can afford not to wash their fruits and vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds, and other produce. They think that they can eat it unwashed right from the store and believe to be insured from all the parasites and illnesses related to them. This ridiculous theory can be proven wrong very easily. All the organic (unpastescided) produce is easily infected with worms, bacteria and molds. This happens on the trees, under the bright sun, wind, rain and special storage conditions. So imagine what happens to the dirty produce which is covered with soil, manure full of parasites and their eggs, waste from the mice, rats and other animals running on the fields; plus the dirt from the trucks and peoples hands who handle the produce. Then, it gets into the digestive system a dark and warm place, which creates a perfect environment for parasites to thrive and multiply. So lets think about those who eat only raw foods... in order to compensate for the lost tastes, they often overeat, combine too many ingredients (which should not be combined) together, eat late and create an even better environment for fermentation and decay in the digestive system. Although it is true that raw foods give the body more energy and strength, and some people are able to feel great for a prolonged time not knowing of the problem growing inside and soon or the later it will show up to the surface.

What Are Parasites?

Parasites are multi-cellular organisms that usually live inside of humans, animals, etc., and make their living off of their host by feeding on food in the stomach and/or intestines, or by feeding on the organs and tissues of your body. These little invaders can range in size from microscopic amebas to worms several feet long, and you will never feel them as they grow and reproduce.

Today, more than 100 types of parasites are known to be able to live inside humans. The best living conditions for parasites are in those parts of the body where there are low levels of oxygen, where organs and tissues are polluted by toxins from processed (unnatural) foods, and where they have plenty of "food." The classic example of these conditions is a toxic colon coated with old food.

Parasites feed on the foods that we like the most: sweets, carbohydrates, meat, etc. These bad foods do not provide enough nutrients in the first place, often have a bad effect on oxygen levels in the body, and provide myriad chemical toxins. So the bad foods we eat serve the parasite better than ourselves.

To make matters worse, parasites not only consume what nutrients we do get in food, but they also excrete waste just like any other organism. Having fed on the artificial foods we eat, and having foreign bacteria, etc., in their systems, their wastes are toxic. The waste products of parasites will damage your health. And since these nasty trespassers can have a life span in a human body of up to 30 years, they have plenty of time to do their harm.

Where Parasites Infest Humans

Human body parasites can be found anywhere in the body: in the blood, muscles, heart, lungs, brain, and other vital organs. One third of all parasites live in the digestive system while the other two thirds make their homes in organs necessary to our good health. And they can travel throughout the body as need be.

What Diseases Can Parasites Cause?

Parasitic infection can cause a variety of serious diseases: ulcerative colitis, arthritis, Crohn's disease and others. Some medical researchers have claimed that parasitic infection can even cause cancer and AIDS.

How Can I Get Rid of Parasites?

The best way to get rid of parasites is to create an unfavorable environment for them. Fortunately for us, the conditions that they dislike are healthy for us. Specifically, cleansing small intestine, whole digestive system and liver off the dangerous toxins we all accumulate in today's modern, chemical world will create conditions in us that either kill the parasites, or drive them out through our waste. It will also kill and wash away the eggs that they all lay.

Because parasites can be found in practically any part of the body, the only way to completely eliminate them is to cleanse the entire body. For example, if only specific organs are cleansed of parasites, they may well migrate to other organs or parts of the body in order to survive. And they want to survive. It is also important to not only kill them with herbs, but to flush them out so that their decomposing bodies will not further poison your health.

Protecting From Future Parasites

Once you have eliminated them from your system, it is necessary to prevent their reoccurrence. To protect yourself from them in the future you should do the following:

  • Wash foods thoroughly to rinse away parasites and their eggs. There are specific methods that are particularly helpful.

  • Store foods carefully to prevent contamination. Insects that infest foods can bring parasites with them.

  • Be careful with animals. Body fluids from animals should be washed away promptly.

  • Be faithful and thorough with your own personal hygiene. This is particularly true of fingers that too often unconsciously contact sensitive areas such as the eyes and mouth.

  • Do not drink unsafe water. Chlorination in water does not stop some microscopic life forms. Have your water tested.

  • Avoid antibiotics (if possible) which kill "good flora" in the body. Remember, antibiotics are in many meat products.

  • Exercise regularly to increase oxygen circulation in the body.

There are many other things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. The Center can instruct you in all of these techniques and more. Techniques for using food to protect your system from parasites can be found in my books Deep Internal Body Cleansing and Practical Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle, Book #3.

For more information contact us at 770-798-8667

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