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  1. Access consumption of fat, dairy, starchy, salty and sweet foods with not enough of physical activity leads to accumulation of fat and toxicity in the system, which accumulates in all organs and tissues. Besides that, in order to lower the concentration of accumulated toxicity, the body retains water especially in the abdominal area where digestive organs are located, which hold the majority of toxins. Weight of the extra water, toxic masses in the organs and fatty cells, together create that unhealthy extra weight with which many people fight throughout their lives.

  2. Another cause of obesity could be a genetic predisposition. In other words, certain dysfunction of internal organs and glands of the parents, can be passed on to their children. However, more frequently they pass on the predisposition and not the actual illness. The illness begins to blossom only when children begin to follow the same eating principles as their parents. If their eating and lifestyle is changed, the illness will not be able to develop because it would not have the necessary food. Very often obesity begins in the childhood. Many parents treat their children with candy, ice cream, cakes, sweet drinks, chips and other junk. Plus the school food is a torture for a growing organism. All that becomes a base for future illnesses and poor habits.

  3. Metabolism Disorders due to dysfunction of the thyroid gland, which also causes disorders in the liver, spleen and other vital organs. If functioning of these vital organs is disrupted, it leads to an increase appetite.

  4. Stress and Depression can also lead to an increased appetite. Because in the state of disappointment, irritation, nervousness, etc, some people try to compensate it for it with the easiest way, such as through delicious food, usually unhealthy and in large quantities. Some psychologists believe that if person ahs many fears, they hide from it under the layers of fat, unconsciously thinking that this way they are in safety.

  5. Consumption of some Medications especially hormone or steroid based can disturb functioning of internal organs and glands as well as a fatty and carbohydrate exchange in the system, which can cause the gaining of extra weight.

  6. Kidneys Dysfunction
    Kidneys of a healthy person are able to release 6-8 glasses of liquid (urine). If a person consumes a large amount of liquids; water, coffee, alcohol, etc, then kidneys have to work extra hard  and become tired form the extra load. As a result, kidneys are not able to release all necessary fluid from the body. That toxic fluid slowly accumulates in the tissue, thickens and becomes mucus. That toxic mucus creates extra weight and causes many illnesses.

  7. For Women
    If a women is sexually unsatisfied, she becomes irritable. The more she is irritable, the more she wants to eat.   

What you can do to normalize your weight using natural methods?

  1. Completely cleanse your large intestine and the whole digestive system from toxic weight.

  2. Cleanse liver and kidneys.

  3. Cleanse the lymphatic system.

  4. Go through cellular cleansing

  5. Begin a healthy life style. Eat a healthy diet. Drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. And do exercises to improve functioning of the thyroid gland.

We have many testimonials and pictures of individuals who went through the cleansing process, lost extra weight and illnesses, improved their health, rejuvenated and got their youth and energy back. They got great physical and psychological effect from looking and feeling better and younger, as well as left educated on how to live fuller and more enjoyable lives.
By going through this unique program, you will look great not only to others, but more importantly, to yourself! You will gain confidence in yourself, your willpower will be stronger, and then there won't be a way to come back and regain those unwanted pounds.
The typical program for weight loss is as follows:

  • Got on the diet, doing exercises-- lost weight

  • Stopped the diet-- regained even more

  • Got back on the diet (usually a different one), and so on...

However, by doing a deep cleansing of the whole system and beginning a healthy life style, there is NO TURNING BACK!!! 


See our clients' Testimonials here.  These testimonials are from people who had problems similar to yours. Let their examples give you hope and help to be successful in your self-healing process. 


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All therapeutic effects and success of our clients in their health is not based on scientific research. All cases described in the center and in Dr. Koyfman's books are saved in the process of his 30-year practical experience in the Soviet Union and United States as well as from the words and written testimonials of his clients. The only proof of our clients' real success, is in their testimonials, which they willingly wrote with a goal to help other people believe in their own strength and a possibility of improving their health. Most clients did not only see improvements in how they felt, but also in their test results (done before and after by Medical Doctors). Since all people are different, their success in healing depends on many factors, such as: genetics, age, diet, life style, work, organization, self-discipline, and neglect of the illness. Due to all these factors, your own success may be different from those we described. We only say that you have a great chance to improve your health and well being. We do not guarantee anything and strongly believe that your success is in your hands. By cleansing your body from toxins and parasites, you are strengthening your immune system and give the holy powers of nature to heal your body.

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