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Dr. Koyfman's Books 
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"Helping your major blood filter normalize cholesterol."

*  Gall stones  *  high cholesterol   *  allergies  *  skin problems  

* digestive problems  *  hepatitis  *  thyroid disorders  *  constipation

*  headaches   *  parasites   *  anger   *  insomnia...

"Complex Liver Cleansing is the Real procedure done in our center under professional supervision of experienced staff. Complex Liver Cleansing will improve your health drastically. You will see and feel the result right away."  
-- Yakov Koyfman N.D.,
                                            author of the
Deep Internal Body Cleansing.

Complex Liver Cleansing procedure combines cleansing of nine important organs:

1   Liver

2   Gallbladder

3   Pancreas

4   Spleen

5   Stomach

6   Small Intestine

7   Colon

8   Blood Vessels

9   Thyroid Gland

Advantages of our Liver Cleansing procedure verses other methods:

1.  In our center, Liver Cleansing is done under professional supervision.  Our staff has many years of experience and are able to provide help if necessary.  Although, with our well-worked-out method, there have not been any complications during the Liver Cleansing procedure.

2.  Our method of the Complex Liver Cleanse includes a very thorough preparation, which guaranties its success.

3.  Liver Cleansing Method in our center involves a very thorough cleansing of "channels" (stomach, small intestine and colon), through which Liver toxins will be eliminated from the body.

Benefits of a Full Liver Cleansing:

  • Enhanced ability to clean the bloodstream

  • Stronger immune system

  • Loss of toxic waste and toxic weight

  • Improved metabolism

  • Cleaner skin

  • Improved digestion

  • Greater protection from degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and asthma.

Cleansing of your Whole Digestive System doesn't only open up channels for liver toxins (toxic bile, stones, mucus, chemicals, drugs and etc.), but also improves your digestion; nutrient absorption in the small intestine; enables regular bowl movements; eliminates enormous amount of intestinal bacteria and parasites; and produces great environment for the friendly bacteria.  So even the preparation procedures before Liver Cleansing, strengthen the immune system, produce great energy and make you stronger.

Liver Cleansing after this kind of preparation flows gently and enjoyably.  It is also very important that we cleanse your digestive track, before and right after the liver cleanse, to the clean water.  By doing so, we flush out all poisons, toxins, bile, mucus, liver parasites, etc. from the walls, corners and pockets to prevent reabsorbtion of these toxins back into the system. 

The liver is the most important organ in the entire human immune system because its primary function is to remove harmful chemicals and microscopic organisms. Because there are so many different chemical and biological contaminants in our environment, as described below, the liver is your first line of defense against illness and disease.

Sources of chemical and biological toxins are numerous in our environment, and include automobile and truck exhaust, preservatives commonly used in processed foods, nicotine, chemical fumes from manufactured products, airborne dust and microbes, pharmaceuticals and other drugs, alcohol and fats in foods.

As these toxins enter the human body, they must be removed or they will be stored in the various organs of the body and slowly poison our health. The liver is "the power player" in this invasion as it filters these contaminants from the blood stream. Read more about toxin ellimination here.

Unfortunately, as it goes about this task, some of the impurities it otherwise removes from the bloodstream become stored in the liver itself. As time goes on these contaminants build up in the liver, and interfere with its ability to filter toxins properly. Additionally, a weakened liver permits these poisons to escape into the bloodstream where they are stored in other organs of the body down to the cellular level.
As the liver becomes clogged with these chemical and biological toxins its ability to fight disease and illnesses decreases steadily. Poor health and even disease can (and usually do) result when chemical and biological contaminants build up throughout the body, and the immune system becomes overwhelmed. If the liver fails during a life-threatening disease, it is simply a matter of making sure one's last will and testament is in order. The liver is that important.

The famous Indian doctor Shevananda said that about 90% of health disorders come from a weakened liver. The latest medical research shows that all degenerative diseases (cancer, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, etc.) are created by the dysfunction of a liver which is blocked and overloaded with toxic waste material.

Optional Program for Liver Cleansing

* Please note, that all the procedures listed bellow are a part of the liver cleansing process. It is important to be well prepared for the liver cleansing itself and to open up all the eliminating channels so that there are no blockages or barriers left for the liver toxicity to release. Performing all other cleansing procedures prior to the liver cleanse, will also soften up and dissolve liver and gallbladder stones, mucus and other toxins.  It is recommended to have 5 liver cleanses in order to completely flush it.

Procedure Type

# of visits


  Colon Cleansing



  Whole Digestive System Cleanses



  Complete Small Intestine Cleanse



  Complex Liver Cleanses


$ 1200

  Total Price



  Discount if paid in advance



Click here to see other available programs

The Good News

Fortunately, the health-robbing toxic wastes stored in the liver over a lifetime can be removed naturally under the guidance of a trained professional. Using techniques developed and enhanced over the centuries, the human liver can be coaxed into gently releasing, not only the original contaminants entering the body, but also their by-products such as cholesterol, fat, pathologic mucous, stagnated bile, heavy metals, alcohol and bilirubin stones.

A full Liver Cleansing automatically cleanses the gall bladder, the pancreatic gland, and the spleen, plus it assists in cleansing the stomach, small intestine, colon, thyroid gland and others. This procedure also strengthens the lymphatic system and improves the tone of the kidneys.

It is worth noting that because the liver itself is naturally divided into four parts, or quadrants, and since each cleansing will cleanse only one part, full Liver Cleansing requires four separate procedures.

Therefore, if you have your liver cleansed, and then maintain its cleanliness consistently, it will not allow serious disease to penetrate and enter the body. It will be free to do its job efficiently and powerfully.

All of this is important because the liver, blood, lymphatic system, spleen, and bone marrow are part of the immune system. The stronger each one is, the better they work together and the stronger the entire immune system is.

Some of the problems that proper liver cleansing can help are:
Gall stones, high cholesterol, allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, hepatitis, thyroid disorders, constipation, headaches, parasites, anger, insomnia.

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Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing is the only facility in North America that offers these unique, comprehensive, specialized cleansing services:  Colonics (Large Intestine) Cleansing, Small Intestine Cleansing,   Complete Digestive System Cleansing,    Complex Liver Cleansing (including Gall Bladder flush, Spleen, Pancreas),    Kidney Cleansing, Prostate Cleansing,    Thyroid Cleansing,    Lungs Cleansing,   Joints Cleansing,  Sinus Cleansing,   Parasite Cleansing,   Lymph System Cleansing,   Fasting (Cellular), Far Infrared treatment, Cleansing Massage, Weight Loss Program, Special Diet, Juice Therapy, Internal Organ Massage, Adrenal Cleansing, Colonic, Colon Cleansing, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigation…and other specialized treatments, based on your needs.

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