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Dr. Koyfman's Books 
on Cleansing

* Water retention  * swollen joints  * kidney stones 

* prostate problems  * sexual problems  * heart problems

* lower back pain  * heavy metal poisoning

Kidney cleansing system developed in our center is a simple and pleasant procedure.

Stomach CleansingKidney Cleansing is usually done after Colon Cleansing. The best result will come if done after Colon Cleansing and Liver Cleansing. Depending on the kidney condition and the chosen method, this cleansing can be done over varying periods of time from one week to one month.

What other benefits can I get by doing a Kidney Cleanse?

  • Cleansing the blood, lymph system, ureters, and pancreatic gland plus both kidneys.

  • Flushing away sand, non organic salt, mucous, kidney stones, and retained fluids.

  • Increase the health and functioning of these organs and systems, plus the heart and other organs.

  • Toxic weight, swelling in the legs, joint pain, and spine pain might disappear.

  • Flexibility will be increased.

  • Greater sexual satisfaction, since sexual energy comes from the kidneys.

The kidneys are important to your health because this pair of organs filters harmful wastes from the fluids circulating in your body, and sends these wastes to the bladder for elimination.

If the kidneys are not working properly, wastes remain in the body and poison it. The immune system has to work that much harder to fight these unwanted chemicals.

Once these dangerous chemicals are flushed from your body, they cannot continue to stress your immune system.

The kidneys also regulate the level of minerals in the body and your acid/alkaline balance. When we do not drink enough water or fresh raw juices, our fluid levels fall too low. Minerals build up in the kidneys, and kidney stones can form. The kidneys, overworked from mineral deposits, become less efficient and effective. Dysfunction of the kidneys is often the reason for pain in the lower part of the back.

Experts have estimated that a minimum of 3,300,000 Americans do not realize that they have kidney disease. More than 20 million Americans suffer from kidney disease and urinary tract disease while some 80,000 will die of these two diseases in this country this year. It is estimated that 400,000 Americans have kidney stones. And kidney disease does not respect any age group.

Therefore, it is very wise to cleanse the kidneys from the wastes and minerals that have accumulated during a lifetime of eating processed food and food additives (unnatural chemicals) and inhaling various chemicals in our environment. Fortunately, this can be done in a safe and gentle manner using only natural techniques and foods.


Optional 10 Day Kidney Cleansing Program:

Type of procedure Price # of Visits Total

  Colon Cleansing
$75 4 $300

  FIR on Kidneys
$30 4 $120

  Kidney Massage
$15 4 $60

  Infrared Sauna
$40 4 $160


  Discount if paid in advance

*  This program will be more effective if also combined with special diet and exercise, baths, self-massage, which are described in my books "Eight Steps To Perfect health"

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