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Cleanse, Feel Better, Boost your Energy and Lose Weight!

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Its time to get ready for THE HOLIDAYS

So don't lose your chance not only to enjoy the holidays but also at the same time look incredible, feel great and lose some extra weight!

The following Whole Body Detox Program incorporates a series of   9 real cleanses (no pills or supplements), making sure you go step-by-step and thoroughly cleanse all your vital organs.

Those unique procedures will clean you from: 

* toxins   *heavy metals   * parasites   *mucous    *infections

*extra fats     *water retention     *extra pounds    

*negative emotions.


With these Cleanses you get an incredible bonus:

get a stronger immune system  get more energy
improve your skin condition get a deeper night sleep
feel better and look younger lose some extra weight


and much more!

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The main question everyone should ask:  


Can Whole Body Cleansing be beneficial for me?


My Friend, you just opened a page with a miracle information, that could change your life drastically.
Intuition, or some higher forces, are giving you this unique opportunity to learn the Truth and make the right choice.  Go in depth with this information-- research and learn.
Don't miss your chance. 

People come to the Koyfman center from across the world for help with...

* constipation   * heartburn  * indigestion   * gas   * headaches   * migraines 
poor nutrient absorption   * constant hunger   * dry skin and itching
* sinus problems and congestion   *
yeast infections   * parasites  * sex drive
        * seasonal & nutritional
allergies  * joint pain   * negative emotions  
heavy metals  * general fatigue
 * thyroid imbalance  * prostrate problems
   * Weight Loss                                    ... and more


 ATTENTION clients coming to our center from other states and countries!
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"...When I got there I had serious sinus and breathing issues. I had chronic fatigue, depression, digestive problems, unrelenting cravings for junk food, addiction to Nicotine, high blood pressure, terrible pain in my joints and organs that signaled a fake heart attack about 2-3 times a month. I had terrible skin, and could not get off my medications even though I didn’t need them, but was chemically dependant. I weighed 290lb... the third week I had lost 15 lbs, didn’t crave bad foods, couldn’t smoke if I wanted to, slept great for the 1st time in months, had no depression, no pain, outstanding energy, breathing fantastically, positive and hopeful attitude and outlook on life. No Medications. Clear thinking, moral clarity and knowledge to sustain good health for the rest of my life..."                             
Denver, CO


.......A year and a half ago, I was having frequent stomach pains and terrible allergic reactions to most food. The list of foods I could tolerate was growing very short. My doctor referred me to your Center to try to cleanse my liver. I began intestinal cleanses for several months, and then followed them with 7 liver cleanses.

...I happily can say that I now seldom have stomach pain, and my CD 57 rate, which is a measure of Lyme disease, is normal. I can eat more foods without reaction, and my seasonal and chemical allergies are much better too!

Suzanne Dawson

Acworth, GA

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Answer to your Main Question

      Dr. Koyfman's philosophy is that the number one cause of all illnesses is the body's impurity with toxicity and parasites (bacteria, infections and viruses), which strain the immune system to lead a constant fight with unwanted intruders. This fight weakens the immune system and makes it unable to cure or even recognize the illness.
     When we cleanse our internal organs from toxicity, kill and flush out parasites-- we finally free our immune system from that unnecessary fight. Now, the freed energy of your immune system can be used to heal you from many disorders.
     So, regardless of your state of health Whole Body Cleansing will help you prevent the inescapable future problems and help with the current ones.

*** In order to completely win over your problems, illnesses disorders and other discomforts, it is important to put in your own effort and knowledge. Besides cleansing procedures, in our center, you can also receive consultations and training on how to help yourself with various disorders, strengthen your health and prevent future illnesses. Click here to learn more.

Go Beyond Colonics  With Comprehensive Treatment At
Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing.

Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing has the experience and techniques

to reduce and eliminate these problems from the organs of your body. We go beyond colonics — we treat all organs and systems with unique processes.

At the Koyfman center, we use safe, natural body cleansing methods-

filtered water, proprietary herbal formula, fresh specialized juices, massage of internal organs, special exercises, FIR "focused organ heating" and infra-red sauna, and specific solutions directed towards individual organs. All these help to dissolve and eliminate the wastes, poisons and blockage in different organs, so your body can remain healthy and take care of itself.

"Atlanta is very fortunate that Russian naturopath Dr. Yakov Koyfman has decided to settle in our city…everyone I know who has gone to him feels happier, healthier and thinner, and is clearly more bright and energetic."

Donna Gates, Author, "Body Ecology Diet"

"I've visited other centers all over the USA and never saw such a great complex of cleansing and powerful procedures."

David Wolfe, speaker, and author of "Eating For Beauty" and "The Sunfood Diet Success System"

Feel Better...  Cleanse Fully...   Rejuvenate Your Whole Body!

Healing through our specialized cleansing procedures is the quickest, easiest process for rejuvenating your health.

The unique processes developed by Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing are the best way to deal with many of the body's problems. And because your organs function better when working properly, you can prevent many problems, conditions, and diseases.

Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing starts with colonics for the large intestine... but goes much further. We detox all vital organs and systems

small intestine to stomach to liver and gall bladder, all the way through the lymph system and the cellular level.  It's most comprehensive series of cleansing procedures available anywhere. Why would you take the time and money to go through these processes?

So you can be healthier...resist
disease...and feel great again!

Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing in Atlanta Georgia is the only facility in North America that offers these unique, comprehensive, specialized cleansing services:

*  Colonics (Large Intestine)  
*  Small Intestine Cleansing 
*  Complete Digestive   
    System Cleansing
*  Complex
Liver Cleansing (including
    Gall Bladder,  Spleen, Pancreas)
*  Kidney Cleansing
*  Prostate Cleansing

*  Thyroid Cleansing
Lungs Cleansing
*  Joints Cleansing
*  Sinus Cleansing
*  Parasite Cleansing
*  Total Lymph System Cleansing
*  Fasting
(Cellular)... and other specialized treatments based on your needs

In addition to center's procedures, you can learn:

  • home self-cleansing for every organ: 

    * Large intestine (colon)           * Kidneys
    * Small intestine,                        * Lymph
    * Stomach,                                   * Joints
    * Sinuses                                      * and more...

  • And How to do Therapeutic Implants Your-self:
    * Chlorophyll                               * Olive Oil 
    * Wheat Grass                             * Beat Root Juice
    * Acidophilus                               * Milk with Ghee 

Do all clients who come to the center achieve the same high results?

It might seem unreal, but most of the time, people with more serious health problems, see the best results. Those whose health is not too damaged, are usually not serious or even skeptical about the right preparations for each cleanse, following all recommendations on diet, healthy life style, etc. That's why their results are not what they could and should have been. If people who are very ill are able to reach the best results, then what level of health could a healthier person reach?
To conclude: The results you achieve in our center, depend both on our hard work as well as your effort, willingness and preparations.

So please take a moment to review the different cleansing techniques presented on this website.

Learn Why cleansing your digestive system is so important, 
What makes the Koyfman Center so Unique  and much more.
Please read my Philosophy on Healing


Our Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

Saturday: 9am - 1 pm

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Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing
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