Dr. Koyfman's Books 
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Dr. Koyfman's Books 
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Dr. Koyfman has 32 years experience of mastering some unique secrets of Eastern Natural Medicine.
During the individual consultation you will learn to: independently improve your health, gain energy and help your body and organs heal from many illnesses.

Consultation Topics

1.  Introducing special exercises to strengthen digestive muscles and free off constipation. Constipation accumulates toxins and parasites in the large intestine (colon). Waste of the large intestine clog's up  arteries and vessels, poisons blood and liver, and becomes a starter of all illnesses, including something as serious as cancer. You can regulate your bowl movements by learning these simple exercises, and a needed healthy life style.

2.  Composing the individual cleansing program and individual program for a Healthy life   
(diet, individual exercises to improve health of internal organs, methods of relaxation, and stress management).

3.  Consultation for the individual Diet and Weight management approach. Learn the main diet principles, how to listen to the inner voice of your body and understand it's language. So any time with this understanding, you could diagnose what product agrees or disagrees with your system. Also learn some simple methods to control your appetite and resist "bad" cravings.

4.  Redeem Hypertension
Stress, genetics, wrong diet, inability to relax lead to increase of blood pressure. Constantly raised blood pressure lead to heart dysfunction and might cause some severe illnesses like heartache and stroke. Every year millions of people die from the side affects of hypertension. During the consultation you can learn simple methods to control your blood pressure in a few simple steps.

5.  Improve Digestion. Improve the nutrient absorption in the small intestine and normalize the function of your large intestine (colon). Learn secrets of stronger digestive juices, stronger digestive fire and liquidation of gas and blockage formations in the digestive system.

6.  Win over Asthma. Learn simple methods to get rid of asthma.
In traditional medicine, asthma is considered to be a very serious incurable illness. During only one hour of your consultation, you'll be able to take that serious illness under your control. Find out how to make your breathing free and easy!

7.  Prostate (dysfunction, enlargement, discomfort or pain). With the help of special exercises, self-massage and other simple techniques you can improve the blood circulation in the organs of your lower abdomen and pelvis. Also learn eastern methods of "male strength".

8.  Methods to heal sinus problems. In the sinuses of a grown up person, collects up to two (2) cups of toxic mucus and different infections. Since sinuses are connected with pathways from the eyes, ears, mouth and throat, these infections are able to get into those organs as well, and create many problems and illnesses. The process could also be vise versa. The infection could also get into the stomach, bronchi's and brain. During the consultation, you can learn how to: permanently get rid of sinus problems; get diet recommendations to maintain healthy sinuses; and receive a free sinus cleansing. By cleansing your sinuses, you will free yourself of sinus headaches and also breath easier. You will also improve eyesight, memory and have clear thinking.

9.  Hemorrhoid healing methods. Hemorrhoid is a varicose vain in the rectum-- an unpleasant illness which creates discomfort and pain. Hemorrhoid surgery is often extremely painful and can require prolonged time off from work. Every year 123,000 Americans must undergo surgery for Hemorrhoid disease. The main reason of Hemorrhoid is constipation (blocked large intestine) and clogged up liver (the main blood filter). Impure blood carries undigested fats, toxic mucus and bile, and other inorganic elements, which cover the vessel walls and block the blood flow. By straining during the bowl movement, vessels stretch. Because of that waste, the vessels completely soak through with that poison and loose their elasticity. The stretched out vessels crack, bleed and hurt. By the contact of toxic colon, many illnesses such as ulcers, inflammation and even cancer may develop. Hemorrhoids and constipation suppress the circulation in the sexual organs and may also lead to related illnesses.
During your consultation, you will learn a special massage and exercises which will help with these unpleasant symptoms. You will also receive recommendations on diet, cleansing procedures and a healthy lifestyle. 

10. Self massage of internal organs--liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, kidneys, lymph vessels, diaphragm, etc. -- to improve their health and to heal and prevent from illnesses. The Internal Organ Massage also releases blockages in the digestive track, relaxes stress tensions, improves digestion, strengthens the small intestine and nutrient absorption, and normalizes the efficiency of the large intestine.

11. Day Regiment. Professional help to organize a Healthy Day.
Most people, even if they have certain knowledge, are not able to organize their day correctly to include exercise, rest and healthy diet throughout the day. As a result, they feel fatigue, irritation, often overeat and overall feel bad. Individual consultation on how to organize your day properly, will result in good energy, strength throughout the day, great mood and a good feeling.

*** Since we can't list all the possible topics, we have only listed a few. Please ask for the topic that concerns you individually.

Half hour consultation is $60,

One hour is $90.





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DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice from a physician or other health care provider. The information provided herein does not constitute diagnosis, prognosis, advice or recommendations for any given medical situation. No information provided by the Center should be construed as the 'practice of "medicine" ' as that word or phrase is defined by any local, state, or federal law, rule, regulation or ordinance. The information on this website is for information purposes only. Application of the information and exercises discussed herein, if undertaken by any individual in whole or in part, is done so voluntarily as a free-will choice on the part of the individual. Such application of the information provided here is done so without the knowledge or supervision of the Center. As such, the individual bears all responsibility and risk. All recommendations and exercises herein contained are made without guarantee.
All therapeutic effects and success of our clients in their health is not based on scientific research. All cases described on this website and in Dr. Koyfman's books are saved in the process of his 30-year practical experience in the Soviet Union and United States as well as from the words and written testimonials of his clients. The only proof of our clients' real success, is in their testimonials, which they willingly wrote with a goal to help other people believe in their own strength and a possibility of improving their health. Most clients did not only see improvements in how they felt, but also in their test results (done before and after by Medical Doctors). Since all people are different, their success in healing depends on many factors, such as: genetics, age, diet, life style, work, organization, self-discipline, and neglect of the illness. Due to all these factors, your own success may different from those we describe. We only say that you have a great chance to improve your health and well being. We do not guarantee anything and strongly believe that your success is in your hands. By cleansing your body from toxins and parasites, you are strengthening your immune system and give the holy powers of nature to heal your body.


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Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing is the only facility in North America that offers these unique, comprehensive, specialized cleansing services: Colonics (Large Intestine) Cleansing, Small Intestine Cleansing, Complete Digestive System Cleansing, Complex Liver Cleansing (including Gall Bladder flush, Spleen, Pancreas), Kidney Cleansing, Prostate Cleansing, Thyroid Cleansing, Lungs Cleansing, Joints Cleansing, Sinus Cleansing, Parasite Cleansing, Lymph System Cleansing, Fasting (Cellular), Far Infrared treatment, Cleansing Massage, Weight Loss Program, Special Diet, Juice Therapy, Internal Organ Massage, Adrenal Cleansing, Colonic, Colon Cleansing, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigation…and other specialized treatments, based on your needs.


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