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If you go to the regular doctor and complain about constipation, usually the answer you get is that having a bowl movement 2-3 times per week is more than enough and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In reality, irregular bowl movements means constipation and is the beginning of many illnesses.

What is constipation?

If your bowls do not move at least 7 times per week (every day), that means you are constipated. If you have bowl movements every day or even 2-3 times per day, but the release is difficult, not complete or small in amount, it is also considered constipation. Sometimes constipation may grow into constant diarrhea. Ideally, a healthy colon should move 2-3 times per day  and at least one of the movements has to be a pretty good quantity.

Reasons for constipation: not enough fiber in the diet; lack of physical activity; negative emotions; genetics; weak colon muscles; poor digestion; clogged liver; poor nutrient absorption in the small intestine; parasites; and some medications may also cause constipation.

What is the danger of constipation? 

The leftovers of undigested food, which were supposed to be eliminated, stick to the walls of the Colon and turn into toxins, which leak into the blood and are carried through the whole body poisoning and weakening its defense mechanism.  90% of all serious illnesses, including cancer, begin with Constipation!  Regulating the function of the Colon is a first big step to good health.

What are the causes of constipation?

There could be many different reasons for constipation:

  1. Genetic. If the parents or even grandparents have the problem, it could be passed on to the children.

  2. Stress, Depression, Nervousness- create tension in the muscles of the digestive organs. Tension worsens the function and tone of the digestive muscles. As the result, they become weaker.

  3. Wrong Diet. Diet that does not contain enough fiber and has too many mucus forming products (dairy, refined flour and sugars, and sweets), which glue the waste - forming fecal stones.

  4. Dehydration, not enough water. If you don't drink enough water and the food you eat is not very juicy (natural, biologically active juices), then the fecal matter also hardens and forms blockages.

  5. Parasites.  Clogged large intestine is a great environment for growth of different unfriendly bacteria, infections and worms. Parasites steal nutrients, produce and add more toxicity to your digestive organs. When there are too many of them, they form colonies, which may contain thousands of parasites.  These colonies block the pathway of the small intestine.

  6. Weak muscles of the large intestine.  Overfilled with waste and blockages large intestine increases in size. It's walls stretch and thin. By being under constant pressure and tension, muscles weaken.

  7. Constipation is especially dangerous for women. Reproductive organs are located in the center of the abdomen and very close to the digestive organs. So if digestive organs are congested with toxic masses, parasites, viruses, fungus and other bacteria, these toxins and parasites can easily penetrate in the uterus and ovaries. From there, using the channels they easily travel to the breast. By poisoning these organs with toxicity and suppressing circulation, parasites can cause different types of tumors and cancers in these organs.

  8. It is just as dangerous for men and their reproductive system. Prostate gland is located very tight to the colon and its health completely depends on the colon. If the large intestine (colon)is clogged with toxins and parasites, an presses on the prostate, it reduces circulation in the prostate and poison's it with toxic waists. This can lead to problems, such as enlarged prostate, tumors, cancers, impotence, etc. Constipation is a big risk factor not only for reproductive organs, but for the whole system.      

Program of complete release of constipation, includes:

  1. Cleansing of all digestive organs- stomach, small intestine, large intestine and liver. Cleansing will remove blockages, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  2. Killing the parasites.  It is done together with cleansing procedures and by taking special herbs. Herbs weaken and kill the parasites, and cleansing procedures remove them from the system.

  3. Strengthening of the large intestine muscles. Special exercises described in my book "Unique Method of Colon Rejuvenation".  These exercises will improve blood circulation in the digestive organs; help to remove blockages and strengthen all digestive organs.

  4. Improve the Diet. It is recommended to follow a special cleansing diet described in my book "Healing Through Cleansing Diet".

  5. Replenishment of Friendly Bacteria.  Consumption of special supplements containing friendly bacteria and other microelements. That combination improves digestion, helps production of more nutrients and their assimilation and helps elimination of unwanted wastes.

  6. More detailed recommendations will be given during the individual consultation. 

Other methods such as taking a lot of fiber supplements, laxatives (including herbal and natural)- can only give temporary relieve and can cause addiction. In some cases, prolonged consumptions may cause serious damage to the health.
Only the complex approach described earlier, can completely improve the function of your large intestine and the whole digestive system. 
Many of our clients who suffered from serious constipation problems (did not have bowel movements from 3 days to 2-3 weeks or more) completely recovered from constipation with the help of methods described earlier.  The most severe case is described in my book "Unique Method of Colon Rejuvenation".  A client who did not have a bowel movement for 1 month came to the center.  She had a prescription from her doctor to have her colon surgically removed. He could not recommend anything else. Lucky for her, she decided to take an alternative approach and three months after going through our natural methods, began having bowel movement 2 times per day.

Therapeutic benefits of this program:

  1. Complete cleansing of the Colon from variety of toxins.

  2. Destroy parasites, living in the digestive system and other vital organs, with herbs and cleansing of the whole digestive system.

  3. Improved Digestion (includes gentle cleansing of the stomach, regulated diet and repopulation of friendly bacteria).

  4. Better nourishment of blood and cells.

  5. Cleaner blood and stronger immune system (cleansing of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder and spleen).

  6. Strengthening of the colon muscles--special exercises to strengthen and improve blood circulation in the abdominal organs (see the book Unique Method of Colon Rejuvenation).

This simple program helped many of our clients to strengthen their immune system and win over this illness completely.

See our clients' Testimonials here. These testimonials are from people who had problems similar to yours. Let their examples give you hope and help to be successful in your healing process. 


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All therapeutic effects and success of our clients in their health is not based on scientific research. All cases described in the center and in Dr. Koyfman's books are saved in the process of his 30-year practical experience in the Soviet Union and United States as well as from the words and written testimonials of his clients. The only proof of our clients' real success, is in their testimonials, which they willingly wrote with a goal to help other people believe in their own strength and a possibility of improving their health. Most clients did not only see improvements in how they felt, but also in their test results (done before and after by Medical Doctors). Since all people are different, their success in healing depends on many factors, such as: genetics, age, diet, life style, work, organization, self-discipline, and neglect of the illness. Due to all these factors, your own success may be different from those we described. We only say that you have a great chance to improve your health and well being. We do not guarantee anything and strongly believe that your success is in your hands. By cleansing your body from toxins and parasites, you are strengthening your immune system and give the holy powers of nature to heal your body.

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