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Dr. Koyfman's Books 
on Cleansing

*  constipation, *  gas, *  bloating, *   yeast infection,

*  tiredness,  *  skin problems,  *  parasites,  *  bad breathing,

 *  abdominal pain,  *  depression,  *  allergies, 

*  sinus problems

A Powerful Tool for Healing Throughout the Millennia

Healthy Colon Unhealthy Colon

A short list of numerous advantages of having your colon cleansed at Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing:

During the procedure, you may choose to use the FIR--Far Infrared Rays, which will warm up the abdominal area on the cellular level and help cleanse the organs from Heavy Metals, activate your liver, improve digestion, relax stress tension and more...

You will learn special exercises to improve digestion and make your digestive muscles stronger.

*  Learn how to pinpoint your digestive organs (stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, colon) to perform a self Internal Organ Massage to break up blockages and make your organs more efficient.

Have an opportunity to cleanse all other digestive organs and improve your Health dramatically.

IBS: Inflamed Colon

Scientific research in both America and Europe have demonstrated that people in the richer nations carry within their bodies anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds of accumulated toxic materials. Although this material is stored throughout the body, the majority of it is stored in the colon.

Toxic waste, which sticks to the walls of the large intestine, presents a nutritious soil for the tree of many diseases, which sinks its roots into this "perfect" habitat. These roots, enriched through the fermentation and putrefaction of the masses in the large intestine, feed the branches, flows and fruits of many diseases, giving them life, energy and destructive power.

Colonics are also a direct means of losing weight measured in pounds. Some clients have carefully weighed themselves minutes before the colonic, and then carefully weighed themselves minutes after the colonic on the same scale. Some clients have lost three to five or more pounds in the thirty minutes while the actual colonic takes place.

When this is done, the body no longer has to deal with wastes accumulated during a lifetime, and can use more of its own strength to heal itself and fight disease.

Examples of Parasites

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What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a natural method of gently washing long-term wastes from the entire length of the large intestine or colon. Purified water is slowly and carefully introduced into the colon via a speculum inserted in the rectum. The water is set at a pleasant temperature, and a trained colon hydrotherapist is present at all times to monitor the comfort of the client. Privacy and modesty are a high priority during any colonic.

Because the entire process is in a closed system, there are no odors or mess during the procedure. Wastes flow out through a clear plastic pipe attached to the speculum into a clear glass tube in the colon hydrotherapy machine. In this arrangement, clients can see for themselves exactly what is happening, and judge for themselves the effectiveness of old waste being removed. When clients see the tar black wastes flowing out of their bodies and down to the sewer, most experience a great sense of well-being knowing that their bodies no longer have to deal with that toxic waste. It is truly a case of "being from Missouri: "Show me."

Who needs colon hydrotherapy?

Virtually everyone has these built-up wastes in the colon, even strict vegetarians. In contrast, most people in developed countries eat a lot of processed foods. As these (unnatural) foods move through the colon, fluids are absorbed during the digestive process, and a very sticky waste is created. These wastes cling to the colon walls and rot, releasing toxins that the body has already rejected. Read more on it here.

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How does colon hydrotherapy work?

Colon hydrotherapy uses state-of-the-art equipment to gently introduce purified water into the colon. During a colon hydrotherapy session, the pressure and temperature of the water are controlled by a trained and experienced colon hydrotherapist who stays right there with the client. The therapist keeps the temperature and pressure at comfortable levels based on the client's feelings.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe and sanitary?

Yes. Each client receives his or her own brand-new speculum and plastic hose, which are immediately disposed of after use. Since all water and wastes (in two separate tubes) are completely contained in a closed system, there is no mess and no odor. The client's dignity is preserved by the use of private draping and room. The procedure is professionally performed and preserves modesty.

Is colon hydrotherapy painful or dangerous?

No. The pressure is less than that of naturally occurring gas. The most one feels is the urge to have a bowel movement. This urge is satisfied by the work of the constantly circulating water, which removes first the new waste, then the old, long-term wastes.

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How many colon hydrotherapy sessions does a person need?

It took a long time to build up the long-term wastes in your colon, so in order to remove them gently, it will take more than one session. Depending on one's personal health, level of toxicity, and desire to improve, a person might need ten to twelve sessions. After completely the number of colonics necessary to remove a lifetime of impacted waste, cleansing the large intestine once a month would be wise.

Can colon hydrotherapy affect the flora balance?

Good flora does not usually predominate in colons that have old wastes stuck to their walls. Colon hydrotherapy washes out, not only the bad flora, but also the anaerobic environment in which it grows. Then good flora has the opportunity and ability to thrive in a clean (aerobic) environment.

Can colon hydrotherapy affect the electrolyte balance?

Colon hydrotherapy has very little effect on the balance of electrolytes. The few that are lost are replaced by proper eating or by the fresh juices that you might drink later.

Ref.: Atlanta Colon Cleansing, Colon Cleanse Atlanta, Colonic Atlanta

Optional Program for Colon Cleansing

The number of procedures to clean the large intestine (colon) can very from 6-12 times. 

Type of Procedure # of Procedure Price Discount Save

1 $75    

3 $210 ($70 each)  $15

6 $396 ($66 each)  $54

* Financing is Available. Pay no interest for up to 12 months.

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What are some of the problems that proper colon cleansing can help with?

*  constipation, *  gas, *  bloating, *   yeast infection,

*  tiredness,  *  skin problems,  *  parasites,  *  bad breathing,

 *  abdominal pain,  *  depression,  *  allergies, 

*  sinus problems

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Brief descriptions of Cleansing Procedures:

1.  Colon Cleansing (colon cleanse, colon hydrotherapy, colon irrigation, colon therapy, large intestine cleansing). In the human body, the largest toxin accumulation is in the large intestine (colon). That accumulation is a breading ground for growing infections, viruses and diseases. Cleansing of the large intestine is a first step to eliminate that dirt from the intestine and to stop its spreading throughout the body. Most colon cleansing clinics recommend 6-12 colonics to completely cleanse the large intestine. In our colon cleansing center in Atlanta, GA, USA, we start with 2-4 colon cleansing procedures and continually add to the colon cleanses other procedures, such as: Stomach Cleansing, Small Intestine Cleansing, Liver / Gallbladder Cleansing, Lymph (Lymphatic) cleansing and other cleanses. In our Atlanta Colon Cleansing Center, we concentrate our biggest attention on preparation for the intestinal cleansing. Colon Cleansing helps with: constipation, gas, bloating, yeast infection, tiredness, skin problems,  parasites, bad breathing, abdominal pain, depression, allergies, sinus problems...

2.  Whole Digestive System Cleansing -- Cleansing of stomach, small intestine cleansing and large intestine cleansing. Opens the elimination channel for toxins released by liver. Whole Digestive System Cleansing can Help with: Constipation, Poor Digestion, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Obesity, Chronic Colitis, Chronic Appendicitis, Poor Sleep Patterns, Sexual Disorders, Headaches, Skin Disorders 

3.  Complete Small Intestine Cleansing -- continues to cleanse thoroughly the walls and "pockets" of the whole digestive system from toxic mucus, yeast and other poisonous elements which accumulated over the years. Complete Small Intestine Cleansing can help with: Constipation, gas, bloating, yeast infection, tiredness, skin problems, parasites, bad breath, asthma, abdominal pain, depression, allergies, chronic fatigue ...

4.  Complex Liver Cleanse (Liver Cleanse, Liver Flush, Liver Gallbladder Flush)-- Will cleanse the liver from toxic bile and mucus, chemicals, medications, etc.  Cleanses gall bladder and pancreas from stones and sand, and activates their function.  Improves overall function of the digestive system. Liver Cleansing will cleanse the liver from cholesterol, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other food chemicals, from alcohol, medicine, toxic mucus and bile. Liver cleansing, cleanses liver and gallbladder from liver/gallbladder stones, and also cleanses pancreas, spleen and other digestive organs such as stomach, small and large intestines. Liver cleansing leads to cleansing of the blood vessels, thyroid gland, adrenals and other glands. Liver Cleansing can Help with: Gall stones, high cholesterol,  allergies,  skin problems, digestive problems, hepatitis,  thyroid disorders, constipation,  headaches,  parasites, anger, insomnia.

5.  Lymph Cleansing (Lymphatic cleanse, lymph cleanse)-- Cleanses lymphatic system from toxic mucus and infections. Will also cleanse stomach, small intestine and colon from toxins released by liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Lymph Drainage (Lymphatic Drainage Massage)-- performed with help of a GX-99 machine, which vibrates with the frequency of the lymph traveling through the human body. These vibrations brake up lymphatic blockages and improve its circulation, help the cleansing and elimination of toxic lymph. Lymph Cleansing can help with: Swollen lymph nodes, skin problems, high cholesterol, constipation, headaches, colds, sinus problems, weak immune system, chronic fatigue... 

6 Juice Therapy (Fasting, Cell Cleansing) -- consumption of freshly squeezed, strained juices helps to better dissolve toxins accumulated over the years on the walls of the digestive track, vessels, organs and cells.  Helps to rid the body off toxins more efficiently. At the same time, fresh juices feed the body with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. Also produce energy and reduce hunger. It is also acceptable, during the juice therapy, to chew some fresh vegetables carefully and spit out the pulp. This way you satisfy your psychological need for food and make the juice with your own teeth (instead of the metal juicer blades). Losing weight by fasting is not losing weight, but also losing diseases and gaining health. Most weight loss clinics in USA concentrate on temporary diet. After people break that diet, the weight comes right back. In our weight loss center in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, people lose toxic weight by cleansing. We also have a great program to lose weight through diet and nutrition. Our weight loss program will help you change your whole life style and keep you healthy for life.



Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing
3107 Medlock Bridge Rd
Norcross, Georgia 30071

Phone: 770-798-8667
Email: koyfmancenter@bellsouth.net
Web: www.koyfmancenter.com


DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice from a physician or other health care provider. The information provided herein does not constitute diagnosis, prognosis, advice or recommendations for any given medical situation. No information provided by the Center should be construed as the 'practice of "medicine" ' as that word or phrase is defined by any local, state, or federal law, rule, regulation or ordinance. The information on this website is for information purposes only. Application of the information and exercises discussed herein, if undertaken by any individual in whole or in part, is done so voluntarily as a free-will choice on the part of the individual. Such application of the information provided here is done so without the knowledge or supervision of the Center. As such, the individual bears all responsibility and risk. All recommendations and exercises herein contained are made without guarantee.
All therapeutic effects and success of our clients in their health is not based on scientific research. All cases described on this website and in Dr. Koyfman's books are saved in the process of his 30-year practical experience in the Soviet Union and United States as well as from the words and written testimonials of his clients. The only proof of our clients' real success, is in their testimonials, which they willingly wrote with a goal to help other people believe in their own strength and a possibility of improving their health. Most clients did not only see improvements in how they felt, but also in their test results (done before and after by Medical Doctors). Since all people are different, their success in healing depends on many factors, such as: genetics, age, diet, life style, work, organization, self-discipline, and neglect of the illness. Due to all these factors, your own success may different from those we describe. We only say that you have a great chance to improve your health and well being. We do not guarantee anything and strongly believe that your success is in your hands. By cleansing your body from toxins and parasites, you are strengthening your immune system and give the holy powers of nature to heal your body. 

If after the cleansing and a change of life style you began to feel better, it does not mean that you were cured from your illnesses, disorders or disease. It only means that your health problems were probably a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. By leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping your body clean and well maintained, you will keep your immune system strong and be able to prevent many problems in the future.
We do not cure any disease, we only help you to detoxify your body and teach you a healthy lifestyle. If you think that you have an illness or disease, please consult your physician to undergo necessary testing, receive proper diagnosis and recommendations for healing.




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Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing in Atlanta Georgia is the only facility in North America that offers these unique, comprehensive, specialized cleansing services: Colonics (Large Intestine) Cleansing, Small Intestine Cleansing,   Complete Digestive System Cleansing,    Complex Liver Cleansing (including Gall Bladder flush, Spleen, Pancreas),    Kidney Cleansing, Prostate Cleansing,    Thyroid Cleansing,    Lungs Cleansing,   Joints Cleansing,  Sinus Cleansing,   Parasite Cleansing,   Lymph System Cleansing,   Fasting (Cellular), Far Infrared treatment, Cleansing Massage, Weight Loss Program, Special Diet, Juice Therapy, Internal Organ Massage, Adrenal Cleansing, Colonic, Colon Cleansing, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigation…and other specialized treatments, based on your needs.



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Koyfman Whole Body Cleansing
3107 Medlock Bridge Rd
Norcross, Georgia 30071

Phone: 770-798-8667
Email: koyfmancenter@bellsouth.net
Web: www.koyfmancenter.com


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