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  "Deep Internal Body Cleansing"

  Small Intestine Cleansing

The small intestine is that part of the digestive system between the stomach and the large intestine. It is one of the largest organs in the human body, and in adults can be as long as 30 feet. Together with the colon, it occupies the abdominal cavity.

The small intestine plays a vital role in digesting food. Digestion begins in the mouth with the saliva we secrete. After that, food goes to the stomach for primary digestion. The small intestine takes over where the stomach left off, further digesting the food we have eaten. Here bile is mixed with the partially digested food to increase the effect of pancreatic juices that break down fats.

The small intestine, like the colon, is vulnerable to the long-term accumulation of wastes that build up due to incomplete digestion. These wastes line the small intestine and basically form a toxic layer that releases toxic chemicals into the bloodstream. These slowly acquired wastes also form an optimal (anaerobic) environment for bad bacteria and parasites to grow.

When the small intestine is overloaded with such toxins, it slows down the digestive process, and decreases the nutrient absorbing ability of the small intestine. In this situation a person can eat large amounts of food but still be undernourished.

If the small intestine is overloaded with toxins it loses its natural tone and begins to expand. (In fact, some of the large "bellies" you see are a result of this.) This now larger and heavier organ puts pressure on other, underlying organs in the abdominal cavity and harms their health. Pressure on the veins interferes with circulation and can lead to varicose veins and hemorrhoids. In women, it can lead to menstrual disorders.

The extra weight of the unhealthy small intestine can even begin to pull on the spine causing various back problems. This in turn can affect the diaphragm causing imperceptible breathing difficulties. An unhealthy small intestine increases the production of mucous in the lungs making sinus conditions more troublesome. Even the lymphatic system is impacted by an unclean small intestine.

Although children may refer to this area of the body as the "tummy," in the East it is referred to as the "abdominal brain." This is because this intriguing organ not only digests food, but it also "digests" emotions.

Our many different negative emotions are stored in very different, but specific parts of the small intestine in the form of constrictions and curves. For example, anger tightens the right part of the small intestine near the liver. Nervousness affects the upper left part of the small intestine under the spleen. Impatience and anxiety affect the middle of the upper portion of the small intestine, while sadness attacks both sides of the lower parts. Fear, as may be expected, reaches into the deep lower parts.

Combine a physically unclean small intestine with long-term stored negative emotions and one sets the stage for bad health. This is why it is so very important to have an healthy small intestine. The best way to achieve this is to practice a proper diet combined with cleansing this important organ of long-term wastes that have accumulated over a lifetime.

The Small Intestine Cleanse practically cleans your whole digestive system from physical wastes stuck to the walls, bad bacteria, toxins and parasites.

When properly done, small intestine cleansing employs a natural, gentle, centuries-proven technique that causes the small intestine to release the wastes that have stuck to its walls. The special liquid solution used for this procedure has a high concentration of minerals that works like a "magnet." It pulls toxins from the tissues (which have a lesser concentration of minerals) through the digestive walls and eliminates them with the feces.

A series of small intestine cleansings will improve your digestion and increase your energy. Additionally, with the toxic waste coating gone from the walls of the small intestine, the immune system does not have to spend precious energy fighting the toxins that come from this waste. This in turn improves overall health through a strengthened immune system. With a cleaner small intestine the release of negative emotions that are also stored in this vital organ is enhanced.

There are benefits in terms of appearance as well. Together with the colon, the small intestine gives form to your abdomen (belly). If they are full of accumulated wastes the abdomen looks enlarged and unattractive. After the cleansing (of both your colon and your small intestine), you will notice a smaller abdomen giving a thinner, more attractive look.

Examples from Our Practice: An example of how small intestine cleansing can be beneficial is found in a 30- to 35-year-old movie stunt man who was suffering from weakness, and fatigue. He said that all he wanted to do was to stay in bed. Before coming to the Center he had spent $10,000 on medical exams which did not help. After coming to the Center he first completed cleansing his large intestine, which made him feel better immediately. Next he had the small intestine cleans and the following day ran eight miles.

A somewhat dramatic example was the middle-aged massage therapist who began to cry deeply during her small intestine cleanse. She began to release negative emotions, and because of her background understood exactly what was happening. This cleanse proved to be emotionally beneficial for her.


Even 200 years ago, low energy levels were much less common. But today it is very difficult to find a person who is satisfied with his or her energy level. There are several common reasons for this: using unnecessary drugs, eating processed (dead) food, not getting enough physical activity, stress, pollution from surrounding environment, etc. Traditional methods to gain energy very often are either useless, or are sometimes harmful, because they treat the symptom instead of the cause. That is why these methods very often don’t work. Perhaps a better approach is not to try to increase your energy, but to conserve it by not wasting it in ways that are invisible to many people.

Food is not our only source of energy. There are other aspects of life that are part of creating energy for ourselves. These include:

Emotions can be positive or negative. Positive emotions increase energy while negative emotions can erode or diminish energy.

Fresh air is very important to the proper functioning of all organs, systems, and cells in the body. Staying inside poorly ventilated buildings, breathing exhaust while driving in your car, etc. are major sources of poor quality air.

Water is critical to healthy blood viscosity. Water helps thin the blood for optimal circulation. Thickened blood is harder for the heart to pump, wasting precious energy. Blood in the peripheral vessels stagnates which can bring future disorders and diseases. All of this is a great drain on energy.

Food is an important source of energy, but it is wrong to think that the more we eat the more energy we have. In fact the opposite is true because of the enormous energy needed to break down and then absorb food. (Notice how people get sleepy after eating.) Proper eating includes eating at the right time, consuming the right amount, properly combining food for best digestion and avoiding foods that do not work well with your personal chemistry. Professional advice in these considerations is important.

Proper exercise actually provides energy by bringing your metabolism into proper balance. Improper exercise can produce a lot of oxidants which can lead to poor health.

Cleansing the large intestine (colon) is the easiest, best and most logical way to remove wastes stored in the body. These wastes accumulate in the colon like plaque in the arteries, and release toxins that overwork certain organs. This robs you of vital energy. These wastes can be gently and naturally removed by experienced professionals.

Cleansing the stomach, small intestines, liver, kidney, and lymph glands eliminates dangerous toxins from these organs, activates other related organs, and improves digestion. This regenerates energy and restores health by taking a huge burden off of these organs.

The educated use of fasting and the proper breaking of the fast restores and increases energy and health. This should only be done under the supervision of someone trained in fasting, someone with great experience.

Resting, conscious relaxation, and meditation are naturals for restoring energy.

Contrasting cold/hot shower and sauna activate body energy and removes the blockages when done correctly.

Professional massage is a powerful resource for opening the energy channels.

Positive self-talk activates the metabolic processes, mobilizes the body, and generates energy.

Biorhythm. Following your daily biorhythms synchronizes and increases the production of energy; ignoring of biorhythms decreases energy.

Tao-System is conscious control of the male’s carrier of sexual energy (semen) and therefore of the satisfaction of the woman. It saves and generates one of the most important and powerful sources of energy.

There are many other methods of increasing energy, but space considerations prevent this here.

a. The basic idea is to liquidate the tension, blockages, constrictions, etc. in the organs, vessels, muscles, and energy channels with the goal of restoring the free movement of energy in our bodies.

b. The basic idea is also to increase the power of the energetic flow. For this reason it is necessary to efficiently use, and wisely save, our energy which is necessary for our health.

The time for receiving or accumulating a high level of energetic potential depends on many factors such as age, how chronic is disease, individual constitution, condition of immune system, etc. Considering all these parameters (level of commitment) one might pursue a combination of cleansing regimes:

• Cleanse the large intestine 10-12 times and maintain its cleanliness.

• Improve the quality of food intake. Make it healing and energetic.

• Walk or slow run every day 30-60 minutes, do exercises for joints and spine, and do yoga and tai-chi for strengthening the internal organs.

In addition to Level 1:

• Do liver cleansing, kidney cleansing, and lymph cleansing.

• Do short fasting from 1-3 days every month.

• Do massage and sauna 1-2 times per week.

In addition to Levels 1 and 2:

• Do regularly Stomach Cleansing (once in two weeks) and Small Intestines Cleansing (once every one to three months).

• Do resting and psychological cleansing through meditation and relaxation techniques.

• Use juice-water-herbal tea fasting for two to three weeks, two to three times per year.

Accomplishing your optimum level of energy demands a lot of attention, patience, time, expanding of knowledge, and professional support. One thing is certain, it is your decision.

  "Unique Method of Colon Rejuvenation"


There are at least two forms of constipation: (1) apparent and (2) non-apparent. In the apparent form, the colon works once every couple of days, or longer. The person with this form of constipation knows that he or she has a problem, or at least they should know it. In the non-apparent form, the colon works every day and even a couple times per day, but the amount eliminated is not as much as it should be. Part of the waste never eliminates, and remains stuck on the colon wall.

When a person becomes constipated from old waste accumulated in the colon they may try to overcome this problem by straining. This straining causes an improper and unhealthy pressure on the internal organs, and may lead to other problems such as hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Some people try to solve the problem by taking laxatives. Laxatives irritate the colon walls, and can be addictive in the sense that the colon can not function without them. This irritation can grow into ulcers and other more serious problems. Therefore, the first goal is to remove the source of the contamination.

Can a Person Get Rid of Constipation and Rejuvenate the Colon?

Without a doubt! In fact, by using natural cleansing techniques, the sick colon can be normalized, or brought into balance, and the causes of constipation can be lessened or removed. This is powerfully illustrated by the real life situation of the young woman described below.

A young lady who was a client at the Center complained of having a bowel movement once every two weeks. When she asked for help from her medical doctor, he said that she did not need to worry about it. He said this was a normal amount of time for emptying the colon. So the woman relaxed and did not think any more about it.

After a time, the situation became worse. She had gone more than two weeks without having a bowel movement. She went to the doctor again. He did some testing and told her that her colon was completely full, blocked, and dysfunctional. He also said that the only one way to deal with the situation was to surgically remove the colon from the small intestines to the rectum. The small intestines would be connected to the rectum by an artificial, man-made tube. The doctor said that this surgery gives good results. To support this, he gave the woman the telephone numbers of a couple people who already had this surgery and felt great.

Scared to death, the woman left. Instead of calling the people who had already had this surgery, she started asking about other doctors who might try to solve her problem using other methods. One of her relatives directed her to the Center. Fortunately, her life strength was not broken.

The Center had never before had a case where a colon had been dysfunctional for a whole month, so success was not entirely certain. At first she was given small, gentle colon cleansings. During this time her diet was restricted to fresh vegetables and fresh vegetable juices, enriched with bulk. After a couple of colon cleansings her colon began to release waste on its own.

She then learned Cleansing Exercises, which she started to do every morning. She also continued the colon cleansings. After one-and-one-half months, her colon was working by itself two to three times per day. She obviously did not need the surgery any more.

What Is the Program for Rejuvenating the Colon and Health?

1. The first and most important step is to thoroughly cleanse the colon, (large intestine) of all waste stuck to its walls. It took decades for these waste to accumulate, so do not imagine that their removal will be overnight. It is essential to remove these waste gently to permit the body to adjust to this loss of bulk waste. This usually takes between 12 and 20 colonics. (The only way to remove these waste quickly is through surgery. There is rarely a reason to remove with surgery what the body was designed to remove on its own, naturally.)

2. To assist in the gentle removal of these wastes, it is necessary to take warm baths, drink fresh vegetable juices, and consume enough clean water to help soften the toxic matter stuck to the walls of the colon. Drinking enough clean water during the day helps to saturate the wastes, making it easier for them to let go of the walls of the large intestine. Whenever you become dehydrated, the body robs moisture from feces to get what it needs. Dehydration is often subtle; you can experience it without realizing it. Warm baths prior to the procedure soften the hardened waste inside and are a pleasant way to relax.

3. Solid foods should be fresh fruits and vegetables, plus whole grains and other natural, organic foods.

4. It is necessary, one day per week, to juice fast. Specifically, do not eat solid food, but instead drink a lot of water, freshly made vegetable juices, freshly made fruit juices, and warm herbal teas. This is beneficial because it gives the digestive system and the eliminative system a chance to rest. It also aids in softening the accumulated wastes. (A good idea is to juice fast the day before having a colonic.) The Center provides our clients with freshly made juices while they are in the sauna.

5. It is necessary to learn the different Cleansing Exercises and to do them every day. Together with juicing, fasting, etc., as above, Cleansing Exercises play an important role in normalizing the colon’s work in a natural way. They bring the walls of the colon back to life with more energy and strength. So we give a lot of attention to Cleansing Exercises in this book.

What Are Cleansing Exercises?

Cleansing Exercises are gentle movements which are non-strenuous and reasonably easy, even for those with diminished physical capacity.

If you faithfully follow the principles and techniques described in this booklet, you will notice that your elimination habits will begin to become normal. Your success in the restroom can be one to three times per day without laxatives or enemas.

Is it Necessary for Those Whose Colon Is Working Properly to Do Cleansing Exercises?

Cleansing Exercises are beneficial for everyone. Even with a consistent vegetarian diet and when the colon empties well, there is a small amount of waste that remains inside. The Center estimates that daily performance of Cleansing Exercises can increase the amount of eliminated waste materials by 25% or more. Although Cleansing Exercises are beneficial for anyone at any age, they are especially important for people who have, or have had, digestive problems or constipation.

Are Cleansing Exercises Difficult to Do?

The Cleansing Exercises described below are not difficult to do. In fact the word "exercise" may be too strong a word to describe them. "Movements" might be a better word because of the gentle, easy effort required to do them. They can be done by persons of any age. Under the supervision of one trained in these exercises, they can be learned in 30 minutes. After learning the Cleansing Exercises, one should be able to do them in less than ten minutes.

What Are the Benefits of the Cleansing Exercises?

After completing the exercises, one should feel relief and lightness in the abdomen and rectal areas. The removal of fecal matter should increase energy and improve the mood. Just a couple of minutes spent each morning performing Cleansing Exercises regenerates weakened muscles of the colon, to help you never need to take laxatives again. By doing the Cleansing Exercises in combination with proper eating and a healthy lifestyle, you should expect to enjoy numerous therapeutic benefits, such as:

C Regeneration of the colon's muscles

C Normalizing the colon’s function

C Loosening of constipated feces

C Regular and complete emptying

C Loss of fecal weight (weight loss)

C Decrease in the size of hemorrhoids

C Increase in energy

C Activation of the digestive process

C Improvement of circulation of the blood and lymph fluids in the abdominal area

C Clearer thinking, improved brain function.

  "Healing through Cleansing 1"  Main Cleansing Channels


In many ways our health depends on our lifestyle. Sometimes people who live an unhealthy lifestyle don’t even know it because they don’t understand what is a healthy lifestyle and what is an unhealthy lifestyle. Let’s briefly describe these two ways of living.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle
An unhealthy lifestyle happens when you do not pay attention to your body and your health. People who live an unhealthy lifestyle assign either no time, or too little time, to improving their health. In addition, their diet and their lack of activity tends not toward improving health but toward destroying it. An unhealthy lifestyle pollutes and weakens the whole system through the toxins it produces. Pollution to the system comes from poor diet, inactivity, poor blood and lymph circulation, lack of water and fresh air, wrong daily schedule, stresses and negative thinking, and also from the environment. Tiredness—being not just tired, but overtired, continuing to work or to work out when you feel tired, lack of rest and relaxation, and lack of sleep—is also related to an unhealthy lifestyle and increased pollution in the system.

A Healthy Lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle is the result of the mind having the knowledge it needs for good health, and the will having the wisdom and strength to implement that knowledge.

A healthy lifestyle is thinking, speaking, and acting in every way that leads to a long life and high quality of living without sacrificing any of the things in life that are truly enjoyable, profitable or natural.

A healthy lifestyle is victory in living not only for the physical body, but for the mind, the soul, and the spirit. As the body becomes healthier, so the mind thinks better and the soul and spirit become clearer.

A healthy lifestyle is leaving behind the "pack mentality" that is tragically symbolized by the lemmings that mythically race en masse over the proverbial cliff. It is not buying into any way of living that shortens your life or decreases the quality of living. It is not buying or using a product (or service) that is claimed to be good, but in reality is not. It is not allowing someone to treat your body with disrespect simply because he or she needs you to buy his or her product or service.

A healthy lifestyle is a science wherein the healing wisdom of the ages and the advantages of state-of-the-art medical science are blended together by both the experienced health professional and the informed patient.

A healthy lifestyle is an art form in which, once you have achieved your health goals through natural means, you walk through life exuding good health and leading others along the same victorious path.

A healthy lifestyle includes cleansing your body from toxins on all levels while faithfully maintaining that cleansing by following a rational diet.

Finally, a healthy lifestyle includes learning the necessary information about proper exercise, developing an exercise program tailored just for you, making time for that exercise program, and then actually doing the exercises on schedule.

People who live a healthy lifestyle constantly take care not just to cleanse the external body, but also to cleanse the internal organs. All of our organs and systems down to the cellular level require regular cleansing. Nature programs our bodies for this necessary maintenance to work automatically, but for many reasons our bodies become weak and cannot do this completely by themselves. They need help.

You—the individual in control of your body—are the first and most important element in achieving the optimum health possible for your body. Once you have decided to pursue this critical goal, you will need reliable information.

Our Center can recommend the following books to help guide you down the path of optimum health.

How to help clean your organs with professional help is described in my books: Deep Internal Body Cleansing, and Eight Steps to Perfect Health.

How to help your own system through self-help methods is described in my books, Healing through Cleansing, Books 1-4, and Unique Method of Colon Rejuvenation.

Where Do Health Problems Come from?

The answer to this question deserves a book in and of itself since the number of different chemical and biological toxins that cause so many of our diseases are as limitless as our ability to manufacture them. So instead of filling up page after page with the various harmful elements that are found in our food, water and air; it might be more interesting to examine this question in a context to which many in this country can relate.

A Day in the Life of an Average American

As diverse as Americans can be, there are some things that are basically the same for most adult Americans that go to work to earn a living outside of the home. A generic overview of a typical "day in the life" of an average American goes something like this:

                Awakening to the blare of an alarm clock,

Plodding to the coffee pot in the kitchen to get that first cup of "go juice,"

Taking a shower, etc to help the coffee wake them up,

Eating a pre-manufactured breakfast at home,

Getting dressed while listening to the news about some tragedy somewhere,

Or reading the same negative news while having another cup of coffee,

Driving to work through exhaust-flavored air while jostling with too many other weary souls, some of whom have divided their attention between driving and a cell phone,

Competing for a parking place,

Stopping for a fast food breakfast if they did not eat at home,

Working a job that, for most Americans, is not their true calling,

More coffee and maybe a cigarette,

Snacking from a machine or from some sugary goody that someone brought in,

Lunch: composed of non-organic foods grown on an industrial-type farm, shipped in from another state, and which have exceeded at least half of their shelf life while waiting to be nuked in a microwave that needs a tune-up,

More work that again does not satisfy their calling and true desire and in a work environment with some really different personalities,

More coffee and maybe a cigarette,

More sugary snacks with too much fat and processed flour,

Commute home in the company of numerous other speeding vehicles being driven by complete strangers who are as frazzled as you are, and who are listening to the same news about some unfortunate incident toward which you can only feel helpless,

Supper in a restaurant with more strangers, or eating more artificial foods at home alone or with only some of the family present. The rest of the family is either caught in traffic or doing their own thing,

Watching contemporary television programming that is as much junk food for the mind as the junk food you put in your stomach earlier that day,

Alcohol, Answering telemarketing telephone calls, evaluating junk mail, and deleting junk emails,

Late night snacking on food that was sold to please your tongue, not your nutritional needs,

Going to sleep in a house whose air has been bottled up all day behind closed windows and doors,

What Is the Effect of All This on the Body?

The effects of such a lifestyle are both diverse and negative, not many splendored. Impacts are measured physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Let’s take a look at how the body is affected by this barrage.

The Lungs

The sick air in your house and office, the exhaust-contaminated air that your car’s heater and AC pump into your face during your two daily commutes, and the air in the various businesses you visit come packaged with all kinds of invisible airborne surprises. For example: carpet fibers, pet fur, dust, dust mites, freon, vehicle exhaust which contains lead, chemicals from hair sprays, and insect sprays, etc. These enter the body unnoticed by the conscious mind, but not so unnoticed by your body chemistry. While you are sleeping your body and your heating/cooling system give off carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Then there is the imperceptible oxygen deficit from poor air exchange that leads to a slow poisoning of the cells. Centuries ago, most of these contaminants did not exist. But today they do, and we must be aware of them and their effect upon us. We must also take thoughtful, intelligent action to keep from having the problems that come with these toxins.

The Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine

The typical American diet too often consists largely of dairy products that have been overly processed, meat, chips, sweets, fats, refined grain, canned food, and beverages (coffee, cola, ice water, beer, etc.). These products contain artificial hormones, antibiotics, food colorings, and other preservatives. As a result of these diet, fermentation starts inside the digestive system and good bacteria is destroyed. This in turn interferes with proper digestion, and causes a lot of gas and toxins to be formed, which then poisons the blood.

Muscles, Joints and Ligaments

From driving a car to driving a desk chair to piloting a remote control, the typical American does not get enough exercise. Back when this was an agricultural nation, such was not a problem, but all of those wonderful conveniences come with a price tag. These organs do not get enough movement, enough circulation, enough oxygen, or enough nutrition to stimulate them to optimal physical condition. However, they do get a large portion of the toxins we take into our bodies, which settle down in cells and intracellular spaces. These toxins not only poison these organs, but lead to pain.

The Nervous System

All that running around in traffic, the perception that you need to do more both faster and better, work-related stress, the constant (absolutely unrelenting) drive for more possessions and money, negative news reports and violent movies all add up. As a result we experience nervousness, fear, anger, disappointment, aggression, depression and other negative emotions which have a bad effect on our minds, spirits and energy fields. This situation in turn negatively affects us physically. And since nothing in our lives happens in a vacuum, we either repress these emotions or blast them out at others, which creates a whole new level of stress. Let’s face it, very few people know how to discharge bad emotions safely the way excess electricity can be discharged into the ground.

The Liver

The liver is a filter and our primary cancer-fighting organ. As such, the river of bad chemicals that gets into the blood stream from all of the toxins we take in have to go here for proper treatment. In a sense, the liver takes the worst we have to offer, and sometimes gets so overwhelmed it stores toxic waste rather than sending it on to be eliminated. As a result of its function being impaired, digestion is weakened, toxins get in the blood poisoning it, liver stones are formed and the immune system is weakened. This lays the foundation for whatever disease is prevalent in your family.

The Kidneys

These twin filters are another organ that can be damaged by the unnatural chemicals that enter our bodies. If you want a prescription for how to damage these two all you need to do is consume large amounts of alcohol or other bad beverages, combined with too much salt, meat artificial chemicals. This will clog the kidneys, resulting in the formation of kidney sand, kidney stones, excess of protein in the urine, water retention in the body, and even an overload of the heart.

Other organs, tissues and fluids are also affected in bad ways. In fact, toxins hurt the body down to the cellular level. The only reason that you do not notice this poisoning is that it takes place little by little.

So How Do People Feel the Next Day?

After surviving the life style described above, a lot of people are not enjoying life at peak efficiency. In fact, getting up in the morning is a major effort. With toxin-encumbered organs and sluggish blood flowing through narrowed veins, an energy crisis of the most personal type is the order of the day. Frequently, such a person wakes up with sinus problems that clog the nasal passages, sore eyes and a white coating on the tongue. It is no surprise that they have a bad taste in their mouths, and are sometimes hoarse. At night, the manmade chemicals (which have created a chemical imbalance) and the emotion of the day can combine to produce nightmares. Additionally, the body can alternate between being very hot or very cold during sleep. When morning arrives, stimulants such as coffee or other forms of caffeine/nicotine are needed to get passed the somnambulist stage.

So What Are the Alternatives?

The first thing to do is to get a thorough understanding of :

How toxins get into your body.

How toxins affect your health.

How to remove toxins effectively.

How to maintain a toxin-free body for maximum health.

Once you have done this, you can wake up with a smile, with your sinus’ wide open for easy breathing and lots of oxygen. This will help your eyes to shine and your tongue to be clean and healthy pink. A night’s rest will be exactly that, so that you wake up refreshed and energized. You will welcome each day and actually enjoy waking up in the morning. You will feel more creative, and have a firm confidence that your physical and mental health is normal.

If enjoying life at this level is something you genuinely want, then you will find a wealth of useful, practical information in this book. If you want the highest quality physical health you can obtain for yourself, then understanding and implementing the knowledge and techniques in this book will be of great benefit. Of course, you will have to invest some effort. This is not done while surfing television or the net. Nor is it accomplished with a mouthful of potato chips. One has to engage the most powerful healer of all— the mind—and to steer oneself up the road to maximum health. And one must "marry" the heart to the mind to bring the desires of the heart in harmony with the strength of the mind. With these two operating together, and armed with the knowledge and procedures in this book, you can rid yourself of the toxins that damage your personal health and become "clear."

Understand that the information in this book was not pulled out of thin air. It is based on thousands and thousands of years of alternative medicine, yoga, and other natural healing disciplines. It is also based on a quarter century of personal research in both Europe and America. So this is not just theorizing or simply book learning. Everything in this book is part of my personal everyday practice, and has been successfully utilized by numerous clients over the last 25+ years.

Remember: Whatever goals you have in life—spiritual, career, athletic, romantic, etc.—can be better accomplished from optimum health.

  "Healing through Cleansing 2"  Heal and Prevent

Feeding the Energy of the Immune System

The Energy Principle of Fighting Disease. Having established that thought consumes energy, we should also realize that thought also transforms energy from one form of energy to another. The same principle is found in the science of physics as stated in the Law of Conservation of Energy and Matter. Therefore, we should not be surprised if this same principle is found elsewhere in the natural world.

The human organism consumes the energy of the universe from the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, plus the energy of food, water and air, which also get their energy from the Sun, the Moon and the stars. We eat this food and our system transforms this energy into different kinds of energy, such as chemical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal. The process of thought is the result of all of these types of energy, i.e., thought is the overall energy of the organism.

Thought can also produce various types of energy depending on the type of thinking that is occurring. For example if you are pondering a negative emotion (envy, jealousy, bitterness, hate, unrighteous anger, etc.) that kind of energy is produced. If on the other hand you are contemplating a positive emotion (love, happiness, joy, etc.) you generate that kind of energy. If you think negatively, you create destructive energy. If you think positively, you create constructive energy. Often the choice is yours because thoughts can be controlled.

To understand how one can use thought to heal, let us look at the following example:

As a result of a poor diet, toxins, stresses and other harmful factors a man got sick. He feels pain and weakness. There are two kinds of energy in such a man. One kind is the energy of the disease (toxins, parasites, tensions). The other kind of energy is the energy of the immune system, which tries to neutralise and eliminate the toxins from the organism. In other words there is a constant, deadly war between the two kinds of energy in the body: the energy of the disease and the energy of the body's defences.

So how is the outcome of this war affected by the third kind of energy, the energy of thought? If, by submitting to the energy of the disease, we begin to think about bad things, i.e. what unpleasant outcome the disease may have, we produce energy that aids the disease. How does that happen?

On one hand, such thinking creates the emotion of fear. Fear constrains and constricts all vital pathways of an organism - blood and lymph vessels, digestive organs, endocrine glands, etc. Furthermore, nutrition and cleansing of organs and systems are disturbed even more. And that, of course, reinforces the disease's energy.

On the other hand, such thinking programs the body, i.e. records on the brain, muscles and other organs a program of destruction. If this type of thinking is constantly present, eventually this program will run.

But since we can control our thoughts, we can start to think positively, and program health into our minds and our bodies. It doesn't matter that you're weak right now. Positive thinking will feed the energy of the immune system.

There are many techniques for reinforcing the energy of our defense system using thought. Let us name one such method.

Programmed Suggestion

The idea behind this method is in programming your mind for positive emotions. For example, suppose you caught a cold and feel pain in your throat and head, you feel weak, perhaps you have a fever, etc. This condition leads to a lot of toxic mucus and pathogens collecting in your body and your immune system waging war with the disease. If you use "programmed suggestion" in this situation, it will produce energy that helps your immune system in its war with the disease.

Here are the approximate formulas for such suggestion:

"My brain is perfectly interconnected with every organ, gland, system and fiber in my body. My head is light and clear. My throat is perfectly healthy. I am perfectly healthy. My body has ultimate immunity against any disease or illness." Repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes, several times daily. Positive formulas such as the above produce positive thinking which produces positive energy. The words "perfect and absolute" create an emotional background that strengthens this energy even more. You can strengthen it still further by clearly visualising what you are thinking or talking about.

The greatest amount of healing energy will be produced when you not only say these words, but also absolutely believe that they will work. And belief comes when you have knowledge and understanding of this process.

"Positive Suggestion" is one of the most wonderful methods of healing the brain.

Starving the Energy of the Disease

Of course, you should help your body fight disease not only with "Positive Suggestion," but also with all other known natural methods. You can weaken the energy of disease by doing the following:

Cleansing the colon and removing the negative energy of toxins from it;

Cleansing the stomach to remove the negative energy of toxins from it;

Cleansing the skin by means of a shower and opening its pores to help remove poisons through the skin, or perhaps taking a sauna or drinking diuretic tea to help the kidneys;

Not loading the body with foods that require a lot of energy for digestion.

This list could be continued, but it is beyond the scope of this section.

Protecting the Head

One more simple truth: The head, and thus the brain, must be protected against heat, cold and physical shocks.

Sustaining your brain in a cleansed, healthy state is a vital key to good health, clear thought, success in life and happiness.

  "Healing through Cleansing 3"  Improve Your Digestion


Cleansing the Lymphatic System, Vessels, Blood and Tissue Fluids, and Cleansing from Heavy Metals

The lymphatic system is the body’s means of collecting tissue fluids from intercellular spaces. The lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. The vessels start from intercellular spaces as very small lymphatic capillaries. Then the capillaries flow into larger lymphatic vessels. All of the lymphatic vessels flow into two major ducts, which in turn flow into veins. By this means, the lymphatic system empties into the venous blood flow. Lymphatic vessels have a number of valves preventing the back flow of lymphatic fluid.

Lymphatic vessels are interspersed with lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small formations of ball or oval shape. They are considered organs of blood formation and defense. Lymphocytes are formed in the lymph nodes. When lymphatic fluid flows through a lymph node, it is filtered from microbes from skin tissues, bacteria from intestinal tract, coal and other fine particles from bronchi, etc., all of which are destroyed by lymphocytes.

Major Functions of the Lymphatic System

Maintenance of consistency in content and volume of tissue fluids.

Return of protein from intercellular spaces to the blood flow.

Participation in distribution of fluids in the body.

Maintenance of the connection between tissues and organs, and between the lymphatic system and the blood.

Absorption and transport of products of food metabolism, especially the transport of fats from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood.

Providing a defense mechanism against disease and damage from pollution.

Lymph consists of lymphoplasma, lymphocytes and thrombocytes. There are no erythrocytes in the lymph of a healthy person.

Let me point out once again that the lymph nodes play the role of filters. If a body is filled with toxicity, and the colon and liver are impacted, then the lymph nodes get "clogged" faster than they can clean themselves. They accumulate disease-causing bacteria and various toxins from the intestines, bronchi, skin, etc. When the lymph nodes are "clogged" in such a way, they can no longer prevent the spread of toxins and bacteria.

The lymph nodes can become inflamed and toxins begin to move through the lymphatic system and spread throughout the whole body. Instead of providing defense from infection and toxins, the lymphatic system becomes their distributor. This is why it is so important to maintain the cleanliness of your body, and especially of the lymphatic system. Having a clean lymphatic system is having a strong immune system.

In our center, we devote a lot of attention to cleansing and renewing lymphatic system. After this cleansing you will experience an improvement in digestion and in the work of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, urinary tract, and joints. You will experience decrease or elimination of back joint pain, cleaner skin, cleaner blood vessels, stronger immune system, and increase in the body’s ability to fight off disease.

The procedure of lymph cleansing in our center takes three days. Every morning, on an empty stomach, the client drinks a concentrated mixture of minerals, which acts like a magnet, drawing the old lymphatic fluid toward the digestive tract and kidneys through which it can be eliminated from the body with the feces and urine. New lymphatic fluid is formed from the combination of fresh juices, which the patient drinks 1 glass every 20-30 minutes for 6-8 hours.

For those who have a less acidic stomach juice, we recommend a combination of citrus juices: lemon, orange and grapefruit.

Those who have a more acidic stomach juice should stick with carrot and celery juices.

Then we use two machines. The first machine, GX-99, is used to drain lymph from the whole body through a specifically selected frequency of vibrations. This helps to move stagnant lymphatic fluid through the lymph vessels and nodes. Then with the help of the second machine, Lustre 98, we do the actual cleansing of the lymph nodes. The use of these machines is described in my book, Eight Steps to Perfect Health, in the instructions for lymph cleansing, section entitled, "Services Provided at the Center."

After that we include a procedure for cleansing the colon where some of the old lymph can still remain. This is followed by an infrared sauna, where old lymph is excreted through skin. Then we recommend a special diet, which should be followed for at least three days after this procedure.

A less sophisticated procedure of lymph cleansing can be done by you at home.

Lymph Cleansing at Home

Lymph cleansing at home was described by a Russian doctor Shadilov. During fruit season, once a week, in the morning on an empty stomach eat a small amount of greens consisting of parsley, dill, green onion, lettuce, etc. The main ingredient should be parsley. The rest of the greens increase the cleansing effect of parsley and improve the taste of this green combination.

Half an hour later you can start eating juicy fruits, which are in season. These could be plums, peaches, apples, oranges, grapefruits, melons, watermelon, or any other fruits or berries.

Eat the chosen fruits throughout the day.

What Is the Concept Behind this Procedure?

You eat parsley at the very beginning of this procedure. Parsley has disinfecting and antiseptic qualities. It contains large amounts of anti-oxidants: vitamin C, carotene, folic acid (vitamin B 9), etc. The most important thing is that parsley is a great diuretic. Parsley in the system stimulates the work of the kidneys. During an active urine production the rest of the fluids in the body are also moving more actively: blood, lymph and tissue fluids. As a result, the body excretes a lot of fluids which were stagnant for long periods of time. This eliminates edema, and improves the work of the heart and of the entire cardiovascular system.

Through eating fresh juicy fruit the old fluids which were excreted are replaced with fresh, live fruit juices, which have anti-oxidative, disinfecting and anti-acidic effects. Therefore, all fluids of the body, blood, lymph and tissue fluids, are cleansed.

One More Valuable Quality of Fruit Cleansings

In extreme situations, under excessive stress, an oxygen deficit, or hypoxia, can develop. It can also happen as a result of such diseases as bronchial asthma, diabetes, nerve diseases, etc. Not only stress and disease are responsible for the development of hypoxia. As a person ages his metabolic processes slow down and cellular bio-energetic potential decreases, which can result in hypoxia.

What Are the Symptoms of Hypoxia?

                Agitation of the nervous system.

Increased frequency of breaths.

Increased heart rate.

Accumulation of under-oxidized products of metabolism.

Disruption of acid-base balance, toward increased acidity, in the internal environment, blood, lymph and tissue fluids.

Fruits and vegetables contain substances which prevent and decrease the effects of hypoxia. These substances are called anti-hypoxicants. Here is a list of products containing anti-hypoxicants: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, carrots, beets, cabbage, dill, garlic, and tomatoes. This list contains not only fruits but also some vegetables which can be used in lymph cleansing.

Seasonal lymph cleansings also cleanse the entire body. They are helpful for people of any age, especially for older people.

Practical Hints on Conducting Lymph Cleansing

                  All fruits and vegetables used in cleansing should be ecologically clean, that is, organically grown. If you can’t follow that rule for all, then at
least the greens should be organically grown. All products should be carefully washed and dried and fruits should be peeled. This will reduce the number of harmful chemical substances entering your body. We have already discussed that there are no more absolutely clean products on this earth.

The movement of lymph through your body is not achieved through heart contractions, but through contractions of the muscles of your body including the diaphragm. Therefore, to remove stagnant lymph, which becomes that way because of many tensions in muscles and organs, it is important to start moving the lymph. You have to make it circulate and flow throughout the body.

This can be done only through physical activity: running, walking, exercising, or other physical labor in your garden or at home. It is always better to engage in physical activity outside. Recall the importance of oxygen in breaking down toxins. Physical activity pushes old lymph toward the channels of exit: colon, kidneys, skin and a little bit through the lungs and breathing. Because the body contains hundreds of stress blockages, the longer your physical activity continues the more old lymph you will eliminate. It is not practical to be superactive all day long, and everything, even exercise, should be done in moderation.

Alternate different types of physical activity to work different groups of muscles. You can use mini trampoline.

You can use passive activity with the Chi machine. Although your muscles do not participate in this exercise, all of the body fluids are actively flowing, including the lymphatic fluid. I remind you once again, physical activity is an important component of lymph cleansing.

It is very beneficial to get a sauna and also full body massage the day of the cleansing. This activates the flow of lymph through all parts of the body and improves the excretion of lymph through the skin and kidneys.

The daily amount of water needed is calculated by using the formula, your weight (in lbs.) divided by two gives the number of ounces of fluids necessary for one day. Fruits that you eat throughout the day on average contain 90% water. Therefore, you need to eat 15-29% more weight in fruit to get the right amount of ecologically clean water from the fruit. You may slightly increase the amount of water to increase urine production.

Example: If you weigh 130 lbs., you need 130 divided by 2 equals 65 oz. of water. At 16 oz. per 1 lb., 65 oz. is approximately 4 lbs. Out of 4 lbs. of fruit you will get only 48 oz. of water at 90%. If you increase the 4 lbs. by 20%, you will know you need approximately 4.8 lbs. of starting product. Therefore, a person who weighs 130 obs. needs to eat up to 5 lbs. of fruit. If you feel that this amount is too much for you just eat as much as you can without pushing yourself too much. It is recommended to eat at least 30 g. (1oz.) of parsley. The rest of the greens, dill, green onion, lettuce, etc. you can eat as much as you want.

During the day you can either stay with one type of fruit or combine a few different types. Depending on the season, you can change the types and combination of fruits.

With decreased acidity of stomach juices and with candida, use sour types of fruit. With increased acidity of stomach juices, it is better to use sweet or sour-sweet types.

Cleansing from Heavy Metals

The lymph cleansing techniques with fresh fruit not only cleanses the lymph, but it has other great benefits as well.

If chewed properly, juicy fruits quickly release a large amount of juices, which can be absorbed rapidly. The remaining fiber, as it passes through digestive tract, also has a number of positive effects.

Finely broken down fiber prevents the absorption of harmful substances.

Pectins of fruits and vegetables have an ability to collect salts of heavy metals, lead, cobalt, mercury, chromium, nickel, copper and others, and remove those from the body.

Hard strands of fiber "brush off" dirt, mucus and stones from walls of the intestine.

All of the fruits and vegetables used for this cleansing, have slight laxative properties, which helps in cleansing the digestive system: stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

   "Healing through Cleansing 4"

Support from God

Disease Caused by a False World View

A large portion of human disease is caused by a false world view, by wrong choices regarding what is most important to us in this life and what is secondary.

Example 1

Often, we choose some famous or successful person whom we think we want to be like, and attempt to imitate him or her. We even push our friends and relatives to be like this ideal and reach that other person’s level. The efforts needed to achieve this goal often turn out to be unjustified and harmful for us and our friends and families.

So don’t try to imitate anyone. You should find yourself and strive to develop yourself in accordance with your abilities. The desire to be better than others at any cost is stupid and destructive. It is like chasing the wind.

Example 2

Many have an excessive attachment to money, relationships with friends and family, things you own, your career or social status, etc. It is wrong to belittle the value of these things for human life, but it is also wrong to make the price we pay for achieving these goals or obtaining these things excessive. Nature teaches us that there is a balance in all things. These values must be of secondary importance.

If our relationships with friends and family deteriorate, if our material or social status drops, if our career is in danger, etc., and we are too attached to these things, the nervous stress can become severe enough to cause serious illness or even death.

When we cling to all these values, we do not account for the most important of our values, our life, given to us by God. Life itself is the greatest of all our treasures. Yet it is precisely this treasure that we are most willing to sacrifice in order to preserve the other treasures mentioned above.

Example 3

When insults, slander, humiliation, treachery, injustice, etc., are taken to heart—especially when they come from people we know well or care about (which is usually the case)—they are even more destructive for us.

Our usual reaction to such a situation is to decide that the person who insulted us is bad and insulted us unjustly. For a long time, we carry the offence in ourselves and imagine bad thoughts about them, including revenge. These emotions are destructive and can bring serious diseases.

Instead of automatically assuming that the other person is the problem, consider that the offence may have been because in our behavior there is something that needs to be corrected. Some people can not only see our problem in our words and actions, but can also read it at the subconscious level. Then they use one means or another to try to correct us, that is, teach us a lesson that would change us for the better, or make us review our opinion of someone or something, or save us from something worse.

If you recognize this, you will handle this "offence" as an opportunity to check yourself, and not necessarily as an assault on you personally. Once you realize this, you should not feel injured or imagine plans of revenge. Such plans are emotional violence which only you will feel. The other person will not feel this violence. You are hurting only yourself.

Think about it this way. If what he or she said is true, then you can turn it to your benefit through careful self-examination and fixing that problem. Even if a dyed-in-the-wool, genuine enemy criticizes you honestly and truthfully he or she has served you as a friend by pointing out a deficiency. Once you have repaired the problem, you are stronger.

If what he or she said is false, and you realize it after careful consideration, then you have benefitted by doing a healthy self-check on that topic. If one person thought it, perhaps some "fine-tunes" are in order even if you are not really guilty.

Even if he or she is wrong, protect yourself from the emotional violence hurled at you by forgiving. True forgiveness comes from the heart, and is 100%. Once you have truly forgiven, the violence vaporizes and can no longer harm you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The Bible says, "Turn the other cheek."

How to Receive the Support of God

When faced with a serious problem, one that is more serious than a mere insult, many people turn to God for wisdom and help. Doing so is the First Wisdom.

However, do not ignore help from your friends, co-workers, professionals, or yourself. God gave you a brain. Use it. He also provided the many people who fill your life. This is a great resource. The Bible teaches, "There is wisdom in many counselors." The greatest treasures are sometimes hidden in plain view. Seek help from others. You will be surprised at how many people have been through the same thing or something similar, or they know others who have successfully dealt with your problem or issue.

Be grateful for the many resources you have at hand. Being grateful is as healing as true forgiveness.

Remember, if you are kind, considerate, and you know how to apply, God can help you with many complicated problems, but you need to understand, as stated by one famous Indian philosopher, "God has no other hands except your hands."

God’s power resides inside of each individual, and if you apply rightly to God, praying, cleansing, correcting your diet, doing exercise and relaxation, living in kindness and forgiveness, this power will wake up and help you to solve many health and life problems.


"My Diet Has Easily and Naturally Improved"

I had been trying to change my diet for many years without success—I was often tired, drank coffee daily, had severe PMS, and carried an extra 10-15 lbs. But somehow I just didn’t have the willpower to make changes and take the time to prepare healthy foods.

Since starting Dr. Koyfman’s "Eight Steps to Total Body Cleansing" my diet has easily and naturally improved . . . and the weight has fallen off! After just a few colonics, and feeling so much ‘cleaner,’ I automatically began to choose more raw, natural foods and even began juicing. I am now much more aware of when and how to eat (and drink!) And have no desire for many of the unhealthy foods I used to eat daily, especially sugar and animal protein.

With each cleansing procedure I go through at the Koyfman Center, I have more energy and am more aware of what different foods and diets can do to my body over time. I now eat less much more naturally and feel much better about eating generally. Dr. Koyfman’s guidance overall and his nutrition information specifically I feel have definitely changed my life (and my family’s eating habits) for the better forever! I am very grateful for his work and the efforts of his staff. Thank you!

—Linda Chmar

Age 44, Mother of 3, Former Attorney

"Making Sense of My Food Choices"

I distinctly remember my immense disappointment when, as a child, I first realized that a certain untasty, unwelcome dish of food was called plums. I had come to love plums during the previous summer, and I stood in astonishment that these could be the same thing. They were canned plums.

Instead of paying attention to my dislike of this processed food, through the years I built habits of choosing cooked and canned foods because they were "good for you" and "easy as opening a can." Some foods, like pineapple, I even decided I would not use any more because all I knew was the processed form which neither tasted good to me nor sat happily in my stomach.

Further, I noticed that a fresh fruit that gave me energy and pleasure might, in a few months time, be very distasteful and upsetting to my system, so much so that I would stop buying that particular produce in the store.

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