Dr. Koyfman's Books 
on Cleansing



Dr. Koyfman's Books 
on Cleansing


       Why should you read these books?

   All the books are written in a simple and easy to understand manner.

In order to be healthier, stronger and resistant to illnesses, through our internal organs should flow clean, active and healthy blood, which will carry nutrients to every cell of our body and take away any accumulated toxic substances.

From Dr. Koyfman's books, you will learn how to improve blood circulation in any part of your body and any organ.

You will learn to support the function of main cleansing channels-- large intestine, kidneys, lungs and skin.  Learn self-massage of internal organs to prevent toxic blockages and poor blood circulation. 

In the books, you can learn secrets of not only healthy diet, but also how to help the food digest and absorb better, giving you plenty of energy and vibrant health.

These books also hold unique recipes and techniques of self-help from different illnesses and disorders. In case there is a need, you can quickly and effectively provide help for your-self and your loved once.  If you would also do cleansing procedures, you won't let any disorders come even close to yourself!

These books do not hold any extra, unnecessary information.  All the     
material written in the books is a
practical guide to a Healthy

Deep Internal body Cleansing Deep Internal Body Cleansing

(172 pages; $15)

Deep Internal Body Cleansing is a new, revolutionary approach to cleansing and healing the body on a much deeper level than mere colon cleansing. Deep Internal Body Cleansing is cleansing and improving the function and health of the whole system.

If you search for healing and real health-then here you will find answers to your questions:

  • How toxicity affects the immune system.

  • How to get health and gain energy through the cleansing of the colon, small intestine, liver, stomach, pancreas, kidney, joints, cleansing from heavy metals, lymph, and cells.

  • Principles of healthy eating and a cleansing diet.

  • How to resist hurtful cravings.

  • The best method to kill and eliminate parasites.

  • How to clean fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and beans for safe eating.

  • Cooking techniques to prevent parasite invasion.

  • How to cleanse negative emotions from the small intestine, the brain in your abdomen.

  • And much more ...

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Unique Method of Colon Rejuvenation


Dr. Yakov Koyfman, N.D. believes that toxicity is one of the problems underlying a wide variety of health disorders. The most important thing for Yakov Koyfman is "to help an individual to overcome the health problems and to give the keys for maintaining the optimal level of health for the whole life."

If you're not satisfied with your colon or the way it works,
If you want to prevent future health disorders,
If you suffer from constipation which is one of the worst health enemies,
If your elimination in the rest room depends on laxatives,
Then this book is for you.

Information in this book will help you in a short time to rejuvenate and increase the work of your colon in a natural way. If you follow the simple rules and principles described in this book, your success is guaranteed.


Additional disorders this method can help are: Allergies, Skin problems, Bloating, Digestive disorders, High cholesterol, Chronic fatigue, Insomnia, Nervousness, Unpleasant odor of breath of skin, Pain in joints and muscles and Low resistance to cold and flu.


(126 pages; $12)

Every day, toxic substances enter our bodies from the various chemical and biological contaminants in our environment. Additionally, toxins form within us due to poor dietary habits, stress, aging, and harmful bacteria that populate our bodies. Our excretory organs can't cope with such a large amount of work and need constant, conscious support.

How can you help your main excretory organs become free from toxins, bacteria, and infections? How can you help improve your immune system, your breathing, skin, and sexuality, normalize your weight, and sustain the health of your entire body? You will find the answers in the pages of this and subsequent books in the Koyfman Series.

Find Simple Remedies For:

* Hemorrhoids        * Kidney Stones
* Indigestion         * Constipation
* Skin Disorders     * Colds/Flues
* Water Retention  * Fatigue
* Allergies...

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Also Learn:

• How Your Thoughts Can Help  
  to Improve Your Health
• Meditation During Walking and
• Recipes to Dilute and Eliminate
  Toxic Mucus
• Breathing Exercises to Improve
• To Break up Blockages in
   Muscles and Internal Organs
• Food #1 and the Best Way to
   Digest It. . .


Healing Through Cleansing - Book 2

(106 pages; $12)

In many ways our health depends on the health of organs located in the head and neck regions: the brain, thyroid gland, eyes, salivary glands, ears, nose and sinuses, throat, tongue, teeth and gums.

The contemporary American diet usually includes a large number of mucus-forming foods that result in the generation of mucus through-out the body. Excess mucus settles throughout the body, especially in the head and neck organs giving rise to a number of ailments in these organs. Negative thoughts and emotions can destroy the connection between the brain and other organs and lead to various diseases.

If You Suffer From:

• Thyroid Dysfunction    • Sore Throat
• Bleeding Gums           • Runny Nose
• Gingivitis                  • Tooth Decay
• Ear/Sinus Infections   • Conjunctivitis

Find in this book simple techniques to: cleanse, get immediate help and prevent these and other health problems.

Valuable Information in This Book:

  • How to Improve Brain Function and Restore Proper connection between the Brain and Other Parts of the Body

  • Self-Diagnosis through the Tongue and Eyes

  • Simple Help for Pollen Allergy

  • And Much More . . .

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(136 pages; $12)

The abdominal area is the “kitchen” of our bodies. How well or poorly this kitchen functions depends on whether we feed our system with nutrients or poison it with toxicity. If your “abdominal kitchen” produces nutrients, you are getting health; if your kitchen produces poison, you are getting disease.
               —Dr. Yakov Koyfman, N.D.

Find in this Book:

  • How you can help your abdominal organsbecome healthier and free of toxins to sustain the health of your entire body!

  • Ancient Remedies for:
    • Weak Immune System
    • Negative Emotions
    • High Cholesterol
    • Heavy Metal Toxicity
    • Joint Pain
    • Parasites and Yeast
    • Liver Disorders
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Lymph Problems
    • Sexual Organ Disorders

Dr. Koyfman’s Unique Cleansing and Healing Approach:

• Cleansing Food for Every Organ
• Fresh Juices and Healing Herbs
• Self-Massage of Internal Organs
• Unique cleansing and Healing
• Best Breathing Techniques for
   modern person

. . .Easy for anyone and Available at any time
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(110 pages; $12)

A Healthy Diet does not only provide nutrients
but also helps to clean and heal the body. To make your diet healthy, you need to learn the principles of healthy eating.
                       —Dr. Yakov Koyfman, N.D.

Principles of Healthy Eating:

• How to Choose the Diet that Works Best 
  for You
• Proper Food Combining to Improve
• What Digests Better for Breakfast, Lunch,
  and Dinner
• How Long You Should Wait between Meals
• Ancient Secrets to Improve Digestion
• Correct order during the meal, to improve
   your immune system

Learn these simple Principles To Heal and Prevent:
* Indigestion             * Weak Immune System
* Yeast Infection       * Low Energy
* Sugar Cravings        * Overeating
* Over/Under Weight   * Gas/ Bloating
* Acid Reflux              * Constipation

Diet for Different Purposes:

  • Healing And Preventive Diet

  • Diet on Daily Basis

  • Unique Programs to Lose
    Weight Naturally

  • Monodiet: To Give Rest to
    Your Digestive Organs

  • Simple, Healthy Recipes for Living Foods

  • Healthy Desserts

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Previously called "Eight Steps to

Perfect Health"

(214 pages; $20)

Dr. Yakov Koyfman, N.D. believes that toxicity is one of the problems underlying a wide variety of health disorders. "Healing through cleansing procedures is the easiest, quickest, and most natural way to get your health back."

"Cleansing is the best way, not only to heal problems, but also to prevent illness and maintain good health."
This book consists of detailed instructions on how to prepare for and perform the following cleansing procedures at the Koyfman Center:

Step 1: .........Colon Cleansing
Step 2: .........Complete Small Intestine Cleansing
Step 3: .........Stomach Cleansing
Step 4: .........Complex Liver Cleansing
Step 5: .........Joint Cleansing
Step 6: .........Kidney Cleansing
Step 7: .........Complete Lymph Cleansing
Step 8: .........Cell Cleansing

Those who cannot visit our Center fill also find many opportunities to use this book for education and healing purposes.

This instruction contains special diets, exercises to improve the internal organs, mind exercises, self-massage techniques, and daily schedules which are recommended for use during the cleansing procedures. This information could be used to build a healthy lifestyle as well as to help the body cleanse itself.




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