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Young and healthy people don’t always notice the relationship between diet and health. Youth carries with it a reserve of strength, but with age, our reserves dwindle and those who are observant can notice that their wellbeing greatly depends on the diet.
On one hand, diet can supply the body with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. On the other hand, it can poison the body.
One's diet can give energy or take it away. Diet can bring health or it can bring disease. So, what you eat is very important to your health.

If you master the art of proper eating, you will have the key to health in your hands.

In the world of nutrition exist many different diets. Let me list just a few: macrobiotic, aurveda, Atkins, makers, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, living foods, blood type, and many more. Each of these diets insist on their quality and downgrade the others. In some diets one product is considered healthy and nutritious, in others, the same product, is a serious threat to your health. In most cases, authors who offer these diets begin in this approximate matter: "I was feeling so sick and began trying many different diets in order to improve my health. None of the diets helped me. Then I tried this diet and it worked like a charm. Now I am absolutely healthy and I recommend this diet to everyone."

Where is the authors mistake?

One individual found a diet, which is perfect for him/herself. However, in other dieting systems, which did not work for that author, can be found many people for whom it worked amazingly. So each person has to find their own diet, which would work best for them. To find the diet right for you, it is important to listen and understand the language of your body.
The first step to finding a contact with your own body is Cleansing of the Whole Body, Organs and Systems from toxicity and parasites. Only then, your sensitivity can increase to the point of feeling  and understanding your body's language. None of your organs or cells crave junk food. All they really want is nutrients. You may learn to not only understand, which foods work best for you, but also train your intuition to feel, which product, depending on the nutrients it holds, is needed in your system at that time.

    Which Diet should be considered healthy?

A Real healthy diet is a diet that does not only feed the body, but also cleanses, heals, and strengthens it.

The dietary principles listed below are the chief guidelines for improving digestion and reinforcing your health. There are hundreds of various supplements for improving digestion, for cleansing the blood and all organs, for providing vitamins and minerals, for the immune system, and for other uses.
All of them can more or less make you healthier. However, that is ONLY if you follow all the fundamental dietary principles. If your diet is not correct, it does not matter what supplements you take. Instead of supplying your body with nutrients, you are poisoning yourself.
So. If you do not follow important principles of Healthy eating, described in my book
"Healing Through Cleansing Diet",   none of those systems will work effectively. By following main principles of healthy eating, you develop a new dieting system--"Cleansing Diet", which in itself combines all the best qualities of the systems listed above, and at the same time becomes your
Individual Diet.    
After you correctly pick out your individual diet and follow the main principles, which help the food to digest into nutrients, you have to make sure that those nutrients are able to be absorbed into your blood and be delivered to the organs and cells. To make this process possible, it is necessary to cleanse and improve the function of your Small Intestine , where all the nutrient absorption takes place.
In the average person, Small Intestinal walls are covered with toxic mucus, and toxic bile. Those layers stand on the way of nutrient absorption depriving the body and weakening the immune system. In addition, there are 70-90% of unfriendly bacteria, yeast and other parasites, which grab the nutrients first, even before the walls of your small intestine could absorb any nutrients in the blood.
You can completely cleanse your Small Intestine in our center. To learn more on how to improve the performance of your small intestine, read here:
  Small Intestine Cleansing.



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