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The wisest thing one can do is to lead a healthy lifestyle and not let any illnesses even near themselves.
However, if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, had bad diet (overate, ate late at night, ate many of fat, greasy, fried, sweet, junky foods); if you were very unattended to your body and its needs and eventually got sick, then first it is important to go to your medical doctor for proper diagnosis and to find out how serious your illness really is. Traditional medicine is very strong in most diagnostics and help in emergency cases.  However, if you really want to find the source and cause of your illness, you would have to look within you and other health professionals.
Then, if you are really interested in getting your health back-- your effort in that process is a must, counting strictly on traditional medicine would be unwise, as well as completely to turn away from it.  You have to take a very active role in the recruitment of your health, its strength and prevention of future illnesses.

Here are Some Possible Choices:

1.  If your illness is not serious, if you are young and your system still has hidden reserves, the alternative methods to recruit your health would be enough and medication might not be necessary.

2. If your problem is more serious and you were abusing your health for a prolonged period of time, then alternative medicine would not be enough and medication prescribed by your doctor will be necessary. However, if you will be disciplined and lead a healthy lifestyle, then gradually you will be able to decrease the dosages of medication and eventually stop it completely.

3. If you are not young or severely damaged your health, your strength for rehabilitation are seriously damaged, then to feel better or to even survive, it is necessary to constantly use alternative and traditional methods and supervision. If you would only choose to use medication and lead an unhealthy lifestyle, you would not last too long. If you will lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, exercise, etc--with some serious illnesses it might also not be enough. So be wise and attentive to yourself and you will find your method for healing.

There are many alternative methods, which can help you improve your health. The most effective method of all is cleansing your system from toxins supported by a healthy lifestyle, proper eating and special exercises to strengthen internal organs described in the books "Healing Through Cleansing 1-4".

Learn About Alternative Solutions
for disorders listed bellow by clicking on them.
 If you do not see your specific illness in this list, chose the one that might be similar to yours.

Skin Disorders (eczema)

Headaches/ Migraines

Thyroid Disorders

Stomach Ulcers

Menstrual Disorders


Prostate Disorders

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Chronic Fatigue

Varicose Veins

Gas After Eating

Stool and Gas of Foul Odor

Bladder Infection

Weak Immune System






Flue / Colds

Yeast Infections

Lyme Disease

Bloating / Burping

Coated Tongue

Acid Reflux



Acne (pimples, blackheads)

Hepatitis (A, B, C)


Liver/ Spleen Disorders


Gallbladder/Liver Stones

Kidney Stones




Water Retention

High Cholesterol



Lymphatic Disorders

Arthritis/ Joint Pains

Two processes of destruction and rehabilitation
lead the fight in the human body from the moment of birth and to the end of the life. When we are young, the rehabilitation process is dominating where as process of destruction is still weak and not as significant. However, when we reach approximately thirty years of age (or even sooner) the destruction process grows stronger making the rehabilitation process weaker.

What exactly is being destructed in the human body?

The cells of the body become clogged and overfilled with toxicity, loose their elasticity and begin to age. Skin and tissue stretch and hang. Joint glands clog-up and produce less lubrication causing joint bones to rub against each other. Gradually joints rub off and cover-up with salt crystals and uric acid. Polluted large intestine (colon) contaminates blood, blood vessels and lymph - slowing down circulation.

The heart exhausts by trying to overcome the pressure in the colon and by pushing the blood through clogged-up vessels, and finally wears off. The energy drops drastically. Glands of internal secretion also become clogged. Lowers production and secretion of vital hormones. Slowly, but surely all organs and systems become congested and polluted, which significantly lowers their functioning. The body accumulates and produces more and more toxicity, and less nutrients to feed the immune system.

The protection system weakens. Unfriendly bacteria, infection and other parasites meet less and less resistance from the immune system and reproduce easily. These creatures eat our nutrients, organs and muscles. They eat us alive! The body’s resistance to destruction lowers rapidly and our unthoughtful actions speed up the process even more. The border line becomes closer and closer.

How can you slow down that persistent stream of time? That process of destruction?

In my books Healing Through Cleansing volumes 1-4, find answers on how to rid of many illnesses and stay healthy and young until a 100 and beyond.

* And Please, always remember that if necessary, alternative methods do not exclude parallel medical advise, treatments and control.



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